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People these days are reluctant to change, be it personal or at the workplace. Considering this, few significant and bold steps have to be taken to help your employees and business associates to initiate their thinking process and see the long term vision. For your employees to succeed, he or she needs to feel some sense of ownership and responsibility in the goal and towards the work. You need to work with each employee to determine and understand what is challenging and attainable for him. By doing this, the goals and objectives expected from the employee shall be clear which in turn shall be more effective and beneficial to the company too. The message has to be sent amongst the employees that people relations are being practiced as a commitment towards the success of the employees at the workplace.

1. Schedule Periodic Meetings
We pay heed to people issues only during the time of crisis situations. Periodic staff meetings should be organized to take care of the attention they deserve thus giving significance to their people issues. These meetings shall help them stay focused without diversion of the attention from the work front.

2. Provide Positive Feedback
Appreciation and encouragement go a long way in keeping the employee motivated and working hard towards the set objectives. Opportunities have to be sought to encourage your employee. Regular positive feedback and affirmation can make the difference between a goal accomplished and a goal limit exceeded beyond expectations.

3. Initiate a 360 Degree Review Process
The performance of the employees should not only be reviewed by their superiors but also by their co-workers and peers. Though introduction of a 360 degree review process takes months of preparation, it helps the employees to assess their performance by understanding the system, accepting criticism and understanding feedback which are related to their work front and not averse to feelings and emotions.

4. Allow employees to own their goals
The goals and the work profile should create excitement in the employee. Make them understand the responsibility towards their individual goals and the achievement of the same. He should feel a sense of ownership towards the same if he has to succeed. Make sure that the employee understands the corporate objectives since his work shall have to be in alignment of the same. A deep sense of ownership & responsibility is essential for the employee and the company to benefit in the long term.

5. Have the employees review the company
An annual survey can be carried out to have the employees assess the company from various angles. A questionnaire can be distributed to be filled in by all employees which can consist questions like (i) Does the company walk the talk with regards to its mission and vision? (ii) Has the management been successful for being role models for others?

In short, a direct relation should be established between the actions of the employee and the company vision to have desired beneficial results for both the parties.

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