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Employee Motivation Messages

All businesses need motivational messages to attract, retain, and motivate their personnel, e.g., welcome them aboard; instill that family feeling; let them know how important they are to you and your business; let them know, in a subtle way, what the expectations are; enable them to be "operationally excellent"; etc.

A professional organization with sound business practices in place understands the value in acquiring and retaining great personnel, while having them perform at a high level of professionalism on an ongoing basis. AND, in doing so an organization shows their customers that they care about who they are, what they do, and about the quality of the product or service they provide.

Give yourself a leg-up on getting your own Employee Handbook completed. These messages touch on values, standards, policies, guidelines, ethics, etc. Several of these messages, or all of them if so desired, are written such that they could be incorporated into an "employee handbook" - or could also be stand-alone items easily adaptable to other forms of presentation.

As a company desires to grow from a small to a medium sized business it becomes increasingly apparent that the need to attract, retain, and motivate employees is a business necessity. Another way of looking at motivational messages is that it is an indication of organizational maturity. Companies and / or organizations with great employee performance and retention histories almost always have solid employee motivational messages as one of their fundamental secrets of success. They've learned how expensive and disruptive it is to train new staff because of employee turnover. 

It is always recommended that motivational messages accompanied by pay for performance (compensation planning) along with management by walking -the-talk, is a sure-fire way to attract, retain, and motivate your valuable employees.

Whether you have just launched a new business, want to smooth out some bumps within your existing organization, or want to take your existing business / organization to the next level, you need to implement sound business practices. Implementing a planned series of employee motivational messages IS a Sound Business Practice.

Without excited, motivated employees an organization will not be dedicated and focused for the long haul, on such things as business improvement, Customer Relationship improvement, and those priority initiatives you've launched to address areas that require significant improvement. This is another great example of where "more is less". The more time that goes by without formally developing and implementing employee motivational messages, the less likely one could focus and position their team to achieve the desired next level of success.

If you want yourself and your management team to have a robust set of professionally formulated employee motivational messages to enable higher levels of employee performance, enhance the professional perception of your organization, and enhance employee morale, then these Employee Motivational Messages will enable that end.

For example, the following (3) basic messages are written such that they could be incorporated into an "employee handbook" - or could also be stand-alone items easily adaptable to other forms of presentation:

The Welcome Message: This template is set-up to do so with a personal signature as a section in an employee handbook; easily adaptable to another mechanism.

The You are the "Company's" Most Valuable Asset Message: This template defines that employees are the company's most valuable asset, and is set-up to do so as a section in an employee handbook, easily adaptable to another form of presentation.

The Personal Integrity Message: Integrity begins with the judgments and decisions that each of us make as individuals. How do we define personal integrity? This template defines personal integrity and is set-up to do so as a section in an employee handbook, easily adaptable to another mechanism. It serves as a lead-in to further / additional topics that dwell on values, principles, ethics, behaviors, etc.

Some of the positives that can result from publishing Employee Motivational Messages are:

- Greatly improved attitude
- Greatly improved business focus
- Greatly improved customer focus
- Enhances the professional perception of your business
- Fosters a team oriented environment
- Enhances employee morale
- Helps attract and retain the best people

Employee Motivational Messages are mandatory from a sound business practice perspective, to inform employees, customers, and business associates that your business is upward bound, and is customer focused.

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