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Working for Start-Ups

Start-ups are coming up like never before. They have good job opportunities on offer too. However, should you join a start up and leave the cushy job that you presently hold?

Let's weigh the pros and cons for your benefit.

The factors in favor are:

• Most of the start-ups have a fairly young average employee age. This helps in generating contemporary ideas. The atmosphere is fun and easy to work in, and there are little, or no barriers in terms of staid rules.

• The environment generally emphasizes on, "what to do" rather than on, "how to do". Everybody can contribute to every aspect they are comfortable with.

• The learning curve with a start-up is fast in keeping with the pace of the company's growth.

• Hindrances are few because there is no fixed regulatory structure.

On the negative side we have:

•The very fact that it is a start-up leaves questions unanswered about the future of the firm since so many young people are eager to contribute in every possible way, plans might go awry because of lack of foresight.

• The pressures to realize financial objectives are intense.

• The issue of job insecurity lingers at the back of the mind.

• There is no well-defined job responsibility and hence one should be ready to shoulder different responsibilities.

• There are no fixed work hours and work could continue for long periods due to deadlines.

The perfect employee for a start-up:

An ideal employee should possess a few skills to fit in right away

• You should be through in the area of your responsibilities. Remember, there is no entrenched hierarchy and hence chances are, if you don't know something there will not be many people with similar skills to help you out.

• You as a person should be a self-starter. You should devise plans and objectives yourself, instead of waiting for orders.

• You should have a direct contribution towards the success of the organization. There is no such thing as a line function or a staff function in a start-up.

For a potential job hunter it is important to confirm a few facts about the organization before she decides to take the plunge:

• Find out if the services you applied for are imperative to the organization. In that case you will feel more fulfilled and can make a real difference.

• Learn about the organization's short-term goal and long-term vision. This will give you a definite direction.

• Check out if the company's value systems agrees with yours, so that chance of conflict are minimized.

In addition to all these facts, one must keep in mind, that there is no substitute for hard work. Work hard, work smart and you could be the NEXT BIG THING.

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