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Barriers to Communication

If you are sometimes confused about why communicating with another person goes awry or gets strange, it's usually because there are some barriers to communication operating, either on one side, the other side, or both. Here's a list of common barriers to communication you may find useful in diagnosing communication failures. And, as an aside, you might want to go through, and identify the barriers that you commonly create yourself.

List of Barriers to Communication

A. Sender Barriers

1. Sender doesn't know enough about the receiver
2. Sender has a negative attitude toward message - doesn't want to communicate it.
3. Sender has a negative attitude toward the receiver
4. Sender has a negative attitude toward communicating - doesn't care whether receiver understands or not.
5. Sender fails to get the attention and interest of the receiver.
6. Sender has poor communication skills (oral expression and/or writing).
7. Sender picks wrong time
8. Sender chooses wrong method
9. Sender chooses wrong place.
10.Sender uses vocabulary that isn't clear to the receiver (ambiguous and/or technical)
11.Sender doesn't communicate the right amount of information (too little or too much)
12.Sender uses negative tone.
13.Sender is in a hurry.
14.Sender fails to verify whether receiver understands.

b. Receiver Barriers

1. Receiver is preoccupied with something "more important"
2. Receiver doesn't like/respect the sender.
3. Receiver is not interested in the message.
4. Receiver "knows": what the message is going to be (or thinks so).
5. Receiver doesn't want to understand (message is unpleasant).
6. Receiver has emotional barriers (fear, anxiety, frustration).
7. Receiver is physically tired.
8. Receiver is thinking about what to say when the sender finishes.
9. Receiver is distracted.
10. Receiver pretends to listen when not listening.
11. Receiver pretends to understand when doesn't understand.

Having gone through this list (especially the receiver's list), I'm sure you would have been able to understand why some people just do not respond, either to individuals or to the community.

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