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Leadership Skills

Leadership has become the most desired and anticipated attribute while hiring for senior/top management is concerned. Effective leadership skills are the requisites that determine the leader amongst the lot and it is the skills that determine his competencies over certain functions and roles. There are however a few skills which need to be imbibed by the self proclaimed leaders, which are shared by an estemed senior professional, Mr. Bharadwaj.

Leadership Skill # 1 : Build It Strong

Last week end I was accompanying a visitor to the Golconda Tombs (a fort built on the western suburb of Hyderabad about 400+ years ago (leave history for now), and it is also said that the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb lay besiege for 8 months before he could enter the fort and that too with the help of someone who he could bribe to gain entry and capture the fort. The fort was impregnable to say the least. What is amazing is that it has stood the test of times and the vagaries of the weather and it stands there even to this day and that is a testimony to the fact that it was built strong. There are many such historic monuments all over India that endorse this point that they have all been built strong Management gurus would be happy that they built management practices more sturdy than they needed to be so that he would never have to worry when an extraordinary force was applied. They would know that whatever they would build would stand up to the test. This applied to both character traits and real hammer and nail construction. In fact, without his insistence on this leadership trait, many of us would not be here today.

Leadership Skill # 2 : Don't Take Short Cuts

Ask any electrician who worked on Kolkatta's tube railway what would it mean if they tried any short-cuts. When doing the wiring they would always route the flat wires they worked with in a nice symmetrical and evenly spaced pattern. They would never just cut across the shortest distance to save wire and make his costs a little cheaper. One would be tempted to asking him why he would do this when it would be a lot shorter to just run the wires directly between two points. He will probably reply, "When someone looks at this job years from now they will know that a professional did it and also, if they ever have trouble, they will be able to track down the problem easier because I did a nice neat job".

Even if such proud people would have retired from their jobs I am sure that such people will never be out of work even for a day in their life. Such people will be always in demand.

Leadership Skill # 3 : Don't Waste Things Or People

If you would go to some part of rural India you will get a glimpse of how not to waste things or people. Can't believe it is it. Take any slum in any city for that matter and see what all they would use to keep a roof above their head. Just see how people have also, used rocks and boulders along the rail tracks of Mumbai to help their house stand despite all the vibration caused by fast hustling trains See a carpenter at work and see how he uses nails He will even remove used nails straighten with a few knocks on the head and use them over again. I suppose they still do it to this day. I've seen them doing this when I was a kid. A bent nail with a little help can be very useful again. Sometimes people also need a little help to do the job they were meant to do.

Leadership Skill # 4 : Be Self Reliant

We talk of team building and working in teams etc. Working as a team is great, but when the team isn't there you just don't sit down and wait for help. We have to learn how to work individually and do it well relying on our steam, only then we can gel with the others who are individually good and then become collectively good.

Leadership Skill # 5 : Study

The late Dhirubhai Ambani had very little of formal education. At a very young age he sold salted peanuts (being the oldest boy with father deceased) he was head of his household and was doing several other odd jobs to support the family. He saved and invested, re- invested, speculated etc., rest is history, and today what he has built in the form of Reliance is unparalleled anywhere for the way one-man made this possible. But when he did become something it is said he would read, read, and read some more every time he wanted to learn how to do something. It seems he also read the ENTIRE World Book Encyclopedia. Now that's a lot of reading! He knew more about current events than anyone. If you want to learn how to do something, study and try it out until you get it right.

Leadership Skill # 6 : You Can Have Whatever You Want If You Are Willing To Work For It

Dhirubhai was this type "Just do it." He realized at a very young age and conditioned his thinking accordingly from a very young age that the world didn't "owe" him a living. He had to earn it. Built a serious work ethic that he would always carry with him. If he wanted something, he would go after it. He never stepped on people to get what ever it is, and didn't cheat or steal, but worked until he got what he wanted or didn't want it anymore. This would be an alien language to many of today.

Leadership Skill # 7 : Give Before You Get

Just take the case of the Bombay Tiffin Dhabbawalahs, they deliver each of their customers wholesome home cooked food and then take their wages. They began from almost nothing to become a huge network of hard working people and are world renowned now. Even management
schools have certified that the system of their distribution and the promptness in services can't be compared - Six Sigma.

Leadership Skill # 8 : You Can Overcome Obstacles

This is one of my favorites. Take the case of the same Dabbah Wallahs of Mumbai. One can't imagine what all hardships they had to over come to build this business and to this day they still have so many hardship they have to face, with the crowds on the trains, traffic on the roads of Mumbai, yet they serve in the same manner in which they started. That is commitment of the highest order. The one's who are in Mumbai will know what this means. Anyone with commitment and desire to succeed will figure a way to get that thing done if it is worthwhile getting done. Knowing that you can't be held back no matter what happens to you is a very powerful feeling to have inside. It gives you an unbridled confidence.

Leadership Skill # 9 : Stick By Your Spouse

Some may not have had a chance to try this one out yet, but when you do get the chance... you will realize what this means. Unlike in the west several of them in our great land can vouch for this as to how much of a support you can get from the back end of your house if you need to succeed. Your parents could be a testimony to this fact.

Leadership Skill # 10 : Risk Everything For Something Really Worthwhile

Did you ever wonder why many people don't achieve their goals? Could it be because they were never really willing to commit fully to them? ... They always gave themselves easy outs so if the going got tough they could bail out easily. There were several pages in the books of Indian history that were sad – the Jallianwallahbagh massacre and the so many atrocities that were committed by the powerful people on the weak and helpless. Of all the saddest incident in history was the partition – and without going much into it for the fear of misrepresentation, it would be enough to take Punjab as an example which will endorse this view point, Risk Everything For Something Really Worthwhile.

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