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Flexi Working - Revolution in the Offing

Conventionally jobs used to be for fixed hours from morning to evening everyday. It did not offer much flexibility in timings and working hours per day. With the advance in Information Technology and Communication Technology, convergence of technology is possible and that leads to Virtual Office. Of late many employees prefer flexible working hours to fixed working hours so that they can easily balance their personal life and career and also spend quality time with their families.

Flexible Working means flexibility in timings, number of working hours per day, and flexibility in office location. There are many types of flexible working as part-time jobs which are less than the usual fixed number of hours per day. Students, homemakers and retirees take up this to earn an extra income along with their main activities and also to utilize their skill and knowledge. Staggered hours working means different start finish and break for different set of people so that the office can function more than eight hours and late in the evening. Split hours duty means the office will start very early in the morning, have a long break of three hours and again work for some hours till late evening. This is also to cater to the specific needs of the customers. Flexi-time is the one in which the employee can choose his working hours according to his convenience and priorities. He will be assigned a Project and the date by which it has to finished. The concept of Job Sharing is to divide a full-time job between two employees as both of them are unwilling to take full time job. Compressed working hours refer to the system in which the employee completes the entire number of hours in few working days; those who do touring jobs prefer this. Many jobs are outsourced to developing countries where skilled, educated English-speaking labor is available at cheaper rates. Most Business Processing Offices have to function all the twenty four hours on all days in the year. This has led to rotational shift duties and different working hours and different break times for different set of employees. Employees can exchange their shifts also; really a boon to the students who do part time studying. Since there is a significant time difference between two countries, that is the country in which the office functions and the country who owns the BPO, these offices have to work throughout the day and night. Compensative Off is available in lieu of the work done on a holiday. Annual Hours system means that all the stipulated hours in a year can be completed within a period less than a year. Sabbatical can be availed instead of Retirement thereby having a break from the job but retain the right to join office later.

Tele Commuting refers to the job done via internet with the help of a computer; The employer can give instructions to his subordinates, monitor their work and clarify their doubts and offer suggestions to solve the problems through electronic media; even when he is at home he can be contacted by the office.

Working from home is another option of Flexible Working. It is very much beneficial to the physically challenged and physically immobile people to utilize their skill, knowledge, experience, talent and intelligence to make a livelihood for themselves and also to contribute to the society. Thanks to this Flexible Working which enabled Stephen Hawkins to define the Black Hole Theory. This is the new trend in job market and a revolutionary beginning of the new era.

As the people are working only for some hours generally there is no loyalty, no obligation towards the organization, no sense of belonging. Part timers and flexible workers do not have any commitment to the employer and they sometimes leak security and sensitive information from the company database for their personal gain. Recently two such security scam appeared in the newspapers. Then it is very difficult to nab them as these people change their employer very frequently.

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Posted: 28/05/2012 02:51:57

Flexible working can also help in increased productivity, particularly, in metros where travel time is increasing on a daily basis. Companies that offer Flexi time options will attract more talent as Work-life balance issues are becoming more important. For more tips on how to maintain good work-life balance, you can read

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