E-Recruiting : The Changing Face of Online Recruitment
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Today, the economy can’t think of moving ahead without forms of e-business, e-marketing, e-learning, but how about e-recruitment? The automation of the recruitment process began in the early 1990’s which paved the way for employers and companies to find their much needed employees online. E-Recruitment surely seems to have become the next big online revolution in the market of employers and opportunity seeking employees. E-Recruitment applications enable recruitment teams to create job postings, manage application responses, schedule interviews and manage other functional recruitment tasks for successful and speedy on boarding of talent in the organization. This form of recruitment has proved to dramatically reduce the labor hours and expenditure actually spent on physical recruitment.

Sophisticated firms have been using automated sourcing and recruitment systems to give their recruiters more time to focus on issues of enlarged chores of human resource management. An organization can be recognized to be e-recruiting, if it has automated all or part of the recruitment process.

The Web has served as a platform for industry interaction, thereby improving access of communication between individuals and companies. Community forums, blogs, pod casts, search engines have all been recognized as an e-recruitment tool. These channels open up a two way communication form between an employer and a prospective employee. The job seekers seem to possess more power in researching and learning about prospective employers, the company culture and decide as to where they would want their talent and skill for application.

Search Engines
Job Seekers have been effectively utilizing search engines to find job positions relevant to their skill and knowledge. This has led to employers and staffing agencies opting for search marketing methods for increasing the flow of candidates. Print advertising has taken a back step, with majority of companies opting for pay-per-click advertising which offers a flexible yet a performance based payment approach.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
This is increasingly being adopted as an effective distribution tool (popular for its reach to mass society) for job listings. Job Feeds are a method of serving employment oriented web content via standard RSS technology. Employees also use RSS technology to search for jobs and vacancies, the benefit being that the same is delivered to your doorstep (feed reader, mobile devices)

Job Portals
Several job portals serve the purpose of uniting the employers and the prospective candidates by bridging the existing gap of reach. With the job portal industry getting huge and crowded with several of them plunging into this e-market, the future business delivery shall focus on quality of resumes and employers rather than quantity of resumes that lie idle and undated. These portals shall soon conceptualize a business model of free posting of job listings and charging the candidates for their storage of resumes, thus providing a truly rich experience for the employers and candidates in the journey of meeting each other’s needs and requirements.

E-Recruiting is rapidly becoming a foundation for workforce design, follow-up and execution. However, this tool also has its own pitfalls in the areas of public concern over privacy details of applicants and job seekers. This has to be firmly stated by e-recruitment tools that the information shall only remain with the company without it being utilized for other purposes. The e-recruitment era has opened the doors – job seekers have greater and flexible access for jobs while the employers have greater access to talent and employee resources for their organization.


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