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‘Campus Recruitment’ refers to a system where the companies visit the colleges to recruit bright youngsters to work for them. Employers are always looking to hire bright talented individuals with great ideas that can add value to the organizational effectiveness. Companies in the corporate world are striving hard to keep the best talent with them. The students often find these opportunities knocking at their doors when the employers hire final year students and the students get an opportunity to start their professional career as soon as they have completed their studies. The newly hired graduates are then trained for a period of six months to one year before they actually get to work. Campus Recruitments serve as an excellent opportunity to enter the corporate job market, which otherwise can be a difficult task.

Traditionally, campus recruitments were restricted only towards management schools like IIM which later extended towards premier engineering colleges like the IIT and now, with the boom of the ITes and the BPO industry, the companies are also targeting other colleges to attract talent for these industries which account for a large percentage of the employment scenario.

The multinational companies ask for a minimum of 60% throughout the semesters in order to be eligible for hiring and selection. The students normally have to go through three stages of selection namely; written aptitude tests, group discussions and personal interviews.

Aptitude Test

The Aptitude tests basically test the logical, verbal and reasoning skills of an individual. It is a systematic structure to determine the way people perform tasks and react to different situations. An Aptitude test is used as a criterion for filtering the best of candidates for further rounds of selection procedure. The kinds of questions asked totally depend upon the respective companies. For instance, Wipro has questions on subject knowledge, Infosys has puzzles etc.

Group Discussion

A Group Discussion (GD) is conducted to test the communication skills, interpersonal skills and clarity of thought. A topic is given for discussion to the students in order to notice the mentioned skills. The intention is to select best individuals who possess these skills. This, however, may not be a part of the filtration process but this also is a significant part of the selection process considering that the marks earned in a GD are carried forward to the next level of interview.


The final stage of the selection procedure is an Interview. The personal interaction helps to know the person behind the scores, his motivational level, attitude, and work attributes. It also helps the company to assess the cultural fit between the company and the student. The companies can conduct two kinds of interview; technical interview and the HR interview. Few companies also have a psychometric test for the students to undergo in addition to the above rounds of selection.

Preparation Tips

The GRE/CET/CAT preparations are the best modes to conceptually understand and be proficient for the aptitude tests. A good practice shall be to solve a few papers during vacations to have a stronghold on this subject.

The communication skills should be effective with a need to express clearly with correct grammer, diction and clear voice.

Learn about the company beforehand and have a few ideas about its business and nature.

Review and Recheck your resume the previous day. You should be clear about your goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses.

A neat formal dressing with a clean appearance creates a first and lasting impression. So understand and follow the dress code.

Project confidence and exhibit high energy level, but never try to impress the interviewer. Communicate with a positive attitude and healthy body language.
Be honest and ask for clarification incase you fail to understand a question. However, don’t ask clarifications for each question.

Practice the business etiquette of switching off your mobile phone or to withhold from carrying it to the interview room.

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