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Getting the Most Out of Job Fairs

Job Fairs are a platform for job seeking candidates and companies. Job seekers often tend to overlook job fairs considering them to be busy and confusing events. But the plus point is that several potential employers can be met at one place who can offer a competitive yet an easy opportunity to land up a job. Incase you go with prior preparations, then you are bound to land up with multiple job offers rather than a single one. These fairs are not only for the freshers but also for experienced candidates who are seeking for a job shift.

Let’s see how we can make the best out of job fairs:-

1. Do advanced research. Gather information on companies participating at the job fair and further shortlist the one’s that interest you. Get online and search for the information of these companies to get an overview of their business and practices. The knowledge of the companies shall give you a step ahead than the other job seekers vying for the same position. The bottom line is, “the more you know, better are your chances… ”

2. Bring enough resumes. Bring at least 20 copies of your resume, depending on the nature of the event.

3. Be dressed formally. Your presentation and appearance speaks much of you. Ensure that you are neatly dressed, act professional and remember to smile. After all, first impressions have always been significant.

4. Arrive Early. This shall help you to get in and out of the job fair before it gets too crowded. Maintain a plan of attack for the job fair, by pre-determining your targeted companies to be met first and in the order of your preference.

5. Be Selective. Spend quality time talking with few well-targeted employers rather than meeting all the participating companies.

6. Sell Well. You will have only few minutes with the recruiters, therefore talk about your best selling points, your competitive skills and the assets that you can bring with yourself in a company. Just before the interview closure, ask for the further procedure or step.

7. Interview Must. Offer a firm handshake, show confidence, an effective eye contact and a positive body language shall go a long way in impressing the employer. Ensure to ask some questions to the interviewer to make him/her feel that you really are a prospective candidate.

8. Keep track on your resume submissions. Prepare a list of companies where you have applied for and have submitted your resumes. This shall later help you to effectively recollect the conversations and follow up with them.

9. Sending Thank-You Letters. Don’t forget to send ‘thank-you’ letters to all the company representatives you have met with, 1-2 days after the job fair. This shall make you stand out of the crowd and be remembered for your professional approach and business acumen.

10. Follow-up. Make a follow up session for each of the companies you have applied for.

Job fairs account for a greater deal of recruitment drives these days since it bridges the gap between prospective employers and prospective job seekers. Follow the above steps and who knows, this job fair can land you a dream job…

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Posted: 30/03/2012 05:04:50

Cindy, thanks for penhilg to spread the word! The overwhelming majority of executive search firms and corporate recruiters tell us in surveys year after year that they don't post $200k positions on public websites or job boards.Those sites have value for research, learning hiring trends, and about the language and cultures of individual companies but not to scour and spend countless hours of the day.

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