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Building Your Staff Morale

Organisational efforts will be in vain in the absence of employee morale. Motivation provides the foundation for boosting the morale of an individual. The performance is balanced on motivation and one’s skills. A slight change in one can have a negative impact on the company’s resources.

Negative morale is like fuel to the fire. It can spread its wings amongst its employees very fast. Improving morale is a constant and conscious effort of the management. Different means can be adopted to improve the morale.

Conduct employee perception survey
Employee perception survey conducted during the time of recruitment aids in getting a general picture of one’s aspirations, dreams, what makes him drive forward and what demotivates him. Management can bring about the changes in the organizational structure on the basis of the survey to bring about an employee friendly environment.

Lay the groundwork for career growth
Good prospects for career growth can motivate an employee to put in his best efforts. Constant effort must be taken to identify the key skills which vary with the changing scenario. Steps must be taken to elevate these talents with proper training. Also analyse areas which need improvement and train him to fill the gap. Training equips the employees to face the challenges imposed by changes. Change is inevitable in a business. The success of a person lies in his ability to utilize the changing scenario for his advancement. A company that has chances for growth reduces labour attrition to an extent, which will turn out to be cost effective in the end.

An open communication system
A two-way communication system helps in expressing one’s opinions, suggestions, and feedback openly with the management. Acceptance of those or rejection with reasons for the same brings about a feeling of “oneness” in the organization. Events such as a periodic ‘Open House’ session, goes a long way in employee communication. A general opinion survey on probable changes in the organizational structure, objectives or strategies convince them of their contribution to the organization.

Effective feedback system
Feedback on employee efforts as a team member and as an individual highlights areas which are efficient and those which require improvement. Employee performance appraisal from peers, subordinates and peers at frequent intervals is a must to encourage the employee to put in a positive effort. Recognition, on the basis of a good appraisal system encourages him to concentrate on his efforts. A negative feedback provides room for improvement.

Team building
The success of an organization lies in his team effort. Team building exercises like treks, team lunches, team outings helps to clear misunderstandings and improve personal relationship among employees.

Monetary and non-monetary benefits
Financial and non-financial benefits should be in par with the general market conditions, and should be remodeled in accordance with the general tax laws so as to benefit the employees. Bonuses in recognition of their efforts add as an incentive.

Maintaining personal relationship
A good personal relationship between all levels of the management creates a feeling of equality and provides the necessary encouragement. The relationship between Lakshmi Mittal and the employees is a living example on the kind of encouragement it has on the employees.

Working culture
A good working environment supplemented by work from home culture as per the requirements of the people is a morale adding factor.

Different levels of management, by taking conscious effort, can create economically productive workforce who contributes to wealth maximization.

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