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Networking : Your Way to a New Job

Data reveals that 80-85% of the job vacancies are filled by word-of-mouth and not through the advertisements calling for prospective employees. A good network widens the chances to being recruited to the right job. Networking has been defined as “connecting with people of like interests for the purpose of uncovering opportunities, identifying landmines and learning of best practices”

The first step before hunting for a new job is always to conduct a self analysis through a proper identification of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. An honest analysis helps to know where one stands and the factors that drive you forward. Decide on the kind of job that is of interest with chances for career growth and opportunities for the achievement of goals. Prepare a good resume capable of reflecting inner confidence and key talents. If one is assured of her capabilities in preparing a resume with long lasting effect, she can do so. Otherwise, seek the help of friends or family, or professionals to create an eye-catching resume. 

Then start building a network with people. Always create and maintain the network while being employed. Building a network is not a days’ work. Networking may be the result of a conscious or unconscious effort. People with good interpersonal skills create a network without them being aware of their effort on building it. It is always useful to set up a network with the intention of exploiting it for further enhancement in the career. Keeping in touch with old friends from school and college, professors, co-workers, ex-colleagues can give better chances for new opportunities. These days community groups like Orkut, Yahoo groups etc can be capitalized for our advantage. Being a member of professional associations, taking part in forums, trade fairs leads to better exposure. Informal groups can be made by being a member of clubs like sports clubs, trekking clubs etc.

Networking adds people to our contact besides improving our knowledge of the ever-dynamic systems prevalent.

Always remember to create a very good impression the first time. Prepare on what you plan to say wherever possible. Though the contact may not be always the person to get a job, he could introduce to the key person. Always keep the visiting card handy with your name, organization, designation and contact details like the telephone number, email addresses etc. Make sure to get the same of the other party or in the absence of the same, write down the contact number or email address. On receipt of the same, decide on how to organize them for easy reference. Visiting cards can be properly filed. Or create database in the computer with the details like name, address, organization, designation etc.

The next step is maintaining a regular contact with these people. Directly or indirectly make them aware of the changes that have occurred in your career. Thank them on any referrals made, and keep them informed on its results. This is however a two-way effort. Both parties must inform the other of job opportunities or any facilities that can improve their skills to maintain goodwill. Never lose touch with the contact even after getting hold of job. A startup in India, named, for example, provides an exchange for networking in addition to working as a placement for easy recruitment. It provides the means to exchange experiences with a company and much more.

Networking is gaining popularity as companies find it quicker and cheaper to recruit people through a wider network. Recruitment through advertisements and through placement agencies can lead to lots of unwanted applications. Moreover with the task of getting efficient competent workforce becoming tough, these media charge exorbitantly eating a large portion of their revenue. In addition to this, the time taken might turn out to be expensive. Companies provide bonuses and other incentives to its employees on effective referrals. This system is very effective where a quick appointment of candidates is required. Thus networking as a means of recruitment is gaining immense popularity.

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