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Demonstrating Respect at Workplace

Mark Clement has wisely quoted “Leaders who win the respect of others are the ones who deliver more than they promise, not the ones who promise more than they can deliver.” Mutual respect is an essential ingredient in team work. No institution can function smoothly in the absence of respect. Respect generates trust and trust being the basis of teamwork initiates innovative ideas and improved productivity.

Respect must be prevalent between the employee relationships in all levels of the organization. In many companies, the top management fails to recognise the members of lower hierarchy and fail to acknowledge their presence when they are present in a meeting. This is highly impolite and discourteous. The employees feel highly demotivated and their respect for the company and the people running them will be lost. This is a major cause for high rates of attrition. So during the induction training, the employees must be informed on the codes of conduct and the general behavioral pattern to be followed in the company. Companies have realized the importance of mutual respect in an organization. A company like Wipro’s standing for mutual respect is visible in its vision statement which starts by stating “with utmost respect to human values…..” .

A good feedback system must be prevalent in the entity which keeps vigilance on the courtesy level in the organization. People differ in their attitudes, values, financial and geographical background. The employees must honour the individual perceptions, even if they differ. To open up the individual minds to appreciate the differences the management must mentor and coach the employees at frequent intervals. A good appraisal system between peers, superiors and the subordinates helps to get a clear understanding on the degree of respect that is prevalent in the business entity.

Respect for the subordinates can be demonstrated by acknowledging their presence and by maintaining a personal contact wherever possible. A common way of showing disrespect is by making an untimely arrival to the meetings. As a responsible member of the organization, one must honour the time allotted to every activity. During the time of meetings, always permit the other members to express their views even if they seem contrary to your viewpoints. Never impose self ideas on another.

Respecting individual ideas and their acceptance, results in a healthier relationship amongst the workforce. The respect for the company grows immensely inducing them to improve their performance. Similarly, employees provide innovative ideas, contributing to the overall profitability of the company. The general harmonious relationship results in low employee attrition. Moreover chances for industrial unrest is minimized as the employees, trade unions and the company management respect each others’ ideas.

Respect can bring about concordant relationships in the organization. Employees are the best brand ambassadors of the company. A good working relationship with mutual respect induces them to improve performance, resulting in a long lasting relationship with the company.

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