Rescinding a Resignation
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With multiple options opening up, the tendency to quit the current job for better opportunities is on the rise. Resignations have become quite frequent and the company policies related to them are well defined. But in certain cases, resignation might be withdrawn by the employee or the employer. There is a high degree of chances for disputes if this is not handled well. Policies relating to the circumstances when the resignation can be rescinded must be made crystal clear.

The withdrawal of the letter of resignation might be done by the employee. It is always better to stick to the initial decision as this makes life smoother in many cases. The decision to retract the resignation must be done after a careful and detailed study. Once the decision is made, investigate the company policy on rescinding the resignation. The company might refuse to accept if it is not in practice. On the existence of company policy to accept such a request, identify the factors that the company considers for the nullification of the resignation request. If the ground for its cancellation is accepted by the company, approach the key people related to it with the reasons for the same. If the company accepts the right to rescind the resignation, the employee is to submit a formal letter calling off the resignation. The letter should be formal and must state the wish for joining the organization, giving the reasons for revoking the resignation request.

However, rejoining the organization might fail to bring the harmony in relationship within the organization. The confidence level in the relationships with the peers, superiors and the subordinates might require substantial time to bring it back to the same level. Never agree to the terms put forward by the company unless it is financially and otherwise beneficial to you.

In certain cases, the company coaxes the individual to pull back the resignation. The company policy should clearly define the circumstances that force the company to call back an individual on the submission of her resignation. If the request for the withdrawal is submitted by the individual, the company must analyse the worthiness of the decision. If the position is already filled in by another employee, the company can reject the same. If, on the other hand, the performance of the individual was not up to the standard, the company can reject the same by stating certain grounds. The company policy should be flexible so as to make the decisions favourable to the overall performance of the company. The policy should state the time limit for the submission of such a request to avoid unnecessary disputes. The request for recalling the resignation beyond the time limit should not be entertained. On rescinding the resignation, a formal letter stating the terms of agreement with the financial and other incentives provided must be submitted in writing.

Rescinding the resignation must be done by the individual only if it is favourable for her. In the absence of it, it is wiser to stick to the earlier decision. Decisions regarding the job must be taken without any compromise on one’s career.

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