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Induction : Orienting New Employees

As the first encounter leaves a lasting impression and decides the further actions and behaviour to the other, be it an individual, or business entity, companies strive to inject a good impression on the employees on their initial days in the organisation. Employee induction programs are conducted to ensure that the employees get introduced into the system with a positive attitude.

With the future of a knowledge industry balancing in the hands of its workforce, the management has to take measures to continuously improve the morale of the employees so as to ensure its successful existence in the industry. Employee orientation programs add to the morale by giving a proper introduction to the history of the company, its managerial hierarchy and the people holding those positions, business history of the project involved, the competition and the results expected from the new recruits, etc. Some companies include training for the specific software adopted in the company to this package to aid in the smooth functioning of the activities. The employees are also given a tour of the office premises to familiarise with their work place. The new recruits are provided with an operating manual that contains key information for uninterrupted work flow including the important phone numbers or the extensions.

The orientation program must be made as interesting as possible. Adding a few team oriented games in between helps them to get to know each other and to reduce the apprehensions, thereby turning a positive light towards the company. The employee orientation program must be formulated with utmost care. Incorporation of the suggestions of the existing employees can remove the negative aspects of it and to add more information which the new recruits would like to know about the company. Getting a feedback from the new recruits can induce a feeling of importance amongst them. Care should be taken to update the records absorbing the changes from time to time.

Many Indian companies like Larsen and Toubro, Wipro, Ernst and Young, etc begin the ground work to the orientation program when they visit the colleges for the campus recruitment. The type of business involved in the various business entities helps the probable candidates to choose a company that matches his interests, thus ensuring better individual performance. Companies like Wipro have “entry level programmes” that gives exposure to the technical and general environment of the company. To this, Accenture adds specific training to help the new recruits or “analysts” understand the functioning of the team and the projects to which they are recruited.

The general idea behind the employee orientation programs is to help them blend into the organisation with ease, removing all fears and apprehensions. The orientation programs also give an idea about the training and growth opportunities available within the entity, thereby securing their future. A well drafted programme can bring a bond between the company and the employees inducing them to put in their best effort leading to customer satisfaction.

Thus a well prepared employee orientation program can provide the drive to the employees to take up the extra mile.

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Posted: 06/07/2011 19:15:21

I got a good knowledge about Induction program.

Posted: 10/05/2011 13:16:48

please provide induction template

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