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Tuesday - 15 Oct 2019 on LinkedIn
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Mobile Phone Etiquettes

Mobile Phone while on one hand is a very useful tool, it is equally disturbing/ irritating at times. Few thoughts on how to make best use of it, at the same time having economy also:

• Have all important contacts listed in the address book, e.g. Peers, Immediate senior/ subordinate, Customer, Concerned Depts., Family, etc.

• Keep important data/ figures/ diary/ pen near your mobile phone, to respond/ receive calls promptly.

• Economy in call time is not that of call charges, it's more of your's/other's time which is precious. Frequent/ longer calls could be very distracting.

• Endeavor to complete call within 1-3 minutes. When making calls, come to the business points at the earliest, without giving much of preamble.

• Use e-mails for sharing information/ data. It's more accurate, economical and correct way of receiving/ communicating/ recording information.

• When in office/ home, outgoing calls be generally made thru land lines. It saves nearly 60-70% on money.

• Take only listed calls while in roaming. Respond to others (not promotional call from Service Providers) after returning to headquarter. Always respond to customer's call.

• Don't make avoidable calls when traveling. Do it once you are near a land line phone. At the same time, avoid using hotel phones for outgoing calls, as it costs 4-7 times usual land line charges.

• Whenever making a call on mobile, please check up whether it is right time to speak to him. Avoid being emotional/ critical when talking to a person on his/ her mobile, who may be in a gathering/ meeting with people from varied sections.

• In meetings, keep the mobile in Silent mode. Avoid taking calls, unless it is very urgent. All calls can be replied back after meeting.

• For longer duration meeting/ conference, divert your calls to your colleague who can take care of urgent official needs and advise your next availability.

Author : K K Sharma

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