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Adjusting to your new Workplace

The initial days in any organisation poses a challenge to every employee. Getting adjusted to the new environment, understanding and adopting the new policies, learning the new work, blending with the team members and creating a good impression by displaying proficiency in work requires a huge investment of personal time and effort from the new employee at any level.

Presenting a professional attitude on the first day creates a positive impression on the first day. The individual should be dressed according to the company dress code. This can be enquired or scrutinised while appearing for the interview. The new recruit should ensure that he arrives in time or early the first day. Guaranteeing one’s presence for the initial training and orientation programs is essential to understand the way the business operates, identifying and understanding the company policies and work procedures, getting to know the other new recruits, and a lot many details. Jotting down the key matters that can be of assistance later can help in easy and faster adjustment to the new environment. The new recruit will be required to fill out certain forms like personal data, etc for company’s data bank and applications for insurance and retirement benefits within the stipulated time defined. He should take time to go through the employee manual which aids in easy acclimatization into the new surrounding.

The new recruit will have to get hold of personal identification card or the access card to ensure easy entry into the firm. The business cards should be requested if the job desires for the same. Setting up of your computer by creating the passwords, etc with the help of the IT department and the recording of voice messages must be performed to start the work as soon as possible. Files, desk and other related matters must be organised so as to facilitate easy accessibility.

Until one gets comfortable with the new environment and the work, he should ask questions to the concerned people to learn things at a fast pace. However, identification of the right time must be observed by enquiring for the right time or by watching the body language of the latter. Reporting to the supervisor on a regular basis and asking for feedbacks helps to identify areas of improvement. Finding a mentor who can help in setting up one’s objectives and to direct through the right channel can help in climbing up the career ladder faster.

Preparing for the presentations, arriving on time and communicating the matter clearly and concisely during the meetings are essential. He should be a good listener who accepts advice and expert opinions for self development. Proof-reading of correspondence helps to avoid mistakes which can otherwise create a negative impression. The official time should not be misused for personal requirements. Great care should be taken to avoid using the official time for personal chats, unnecessary browsing, etc.

Attention should be taken in one’s dealings with the others. Maintaining respect at the work place, being a good listener, avoiding company grapevine, all adds to one’s positives. Maintenance of rapport with the supervisors and the subordinates ensures and reduces unnecessary complications.

Switching to a new environment always require lots of learning and adjustments. Proceeding with an open mind and a positive attitude facilitates faster adjustment.

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