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Why do new Employees Fail?

Talent management has become a major task of the human resource department over the recent years on account of the higher rates of attrition in the companies. It is said that in one of the studies conducted by the Employment Policy Foundation it was found that a quarter of the new hires leave their jobs within one year of joining the firm. Identification of the causes for the same is important if the company has to minimise its cost of operations as a major portion of the company’s income is utilised to recruit and train them until the new recruits’ break-even.

The reasons for the failure of the new employees are innumerable. The major cause for the failure is on account of the flaws in the selection process. In spite of having qualms, the recruitment committee takes up the people who come up for the interview. This could be because of the lack of the interest in the task done or on account of the pressure to select a fixed percentage of people present for the interview. Urgent requirements which could be as a result of improper planning also can end up in a wrong recruitment. The skills of the recruit must match the requirements if the failure is to be prevented.

Proper communication is vital to get any job done. Absence of clear cut communication on the activities to be performed, leads to wastage of time from the part of the new recruit. A fuzzy reporting line makes the employee dispirited. If the employee is not aware of his direct superior or if the orders are provided by more than one manager, the new recruit might be unable to meet up the deadlines, leading to frustration.

Another reason for the failure is when the company, its management and the work fail to measure up to the expectations of the individual. The internal processes and the rules must be imparted to the new employee. The general code of conduct expected from him must be made crystal clear if unacceptable behaviour is to be avoided.

In certain cases the employee is made to switch from the role offered to him within a short span of joining the organisation, leading to the inability to perform well. The management must abide to the role and task informed during the time of interview if they expect quality outcome from the new employee.

Monetary benefits are another aspect that fails to hold the new recruit to the organisation. The distortion and ambiguity of the statement of salary and its components leads to dissatisfaction when the actual amount received comes to less than what is expected. This drives out the motivation from putting in efforts in the organisation.

From the point of view of the employee, lack of technical knowledge in the required line of work and the unwillingness to adapt to changes are the reasons for failure. Whatever be the reason, measures to overcoming them like following a good process of selection, adding motivation, etc will help in minimising the loss over attrition.

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