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Wednesday - 11 Dec 2019 on LinkedIn
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Career Persons need to Conserve too

All of us spend so much time running around to build a career that we don’t even stop to think what kind of a legacy we will leave behind. Now I am not referring to any monetary legacy.

Rather, I am hinting at the environmental situation in and around our city. And if you, dear reader, are thinking about what you can do, let me tell you that the answer is ‘a lot’!

In case you are too busy to save the mangroves or whatever mission all the ‘green’ activists have to fulfil, you can at least save a little electricity or, better still, water.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that we have well-documented solutions in our ancient books, including rainwater harvesting. Kautilya’s Arthashastra – primarily a treatise on economics – also gives references on how to preserve water.

Chanakya had said,

“In conformity with the appearance, he should give exercise to the gentle and the dull (elephant), and to the animal with mixed characteristics, in various types of work, or in accordance with the season.” (2.31.18)

This highlights how water – as a natural resource – should be allowed to run free with no one allowed to have a monopoly on it. Then again, we need to utilise this great resource effectively with minimal wastage. But how can we do this as individuals in today’s corporate world?


As a nation, we have been blessed with various perennial rivers. Countries like UK still have to recycle a major part of their water. Now let us do something at a corporate level to save water.
We should spread awareness among
our colleagues not to waste water and think long-term. Water not effectively used today can become a scarcity tomorrow. Do we want our future generations to go thirsty?

Despite our great rivers, water is scarce in many parts of India. Many farmers have committed suicides for want of any effective irrigation system. You can spare some time or money with some leading foundation or trust that is trying to reorganise things in these affected areas. If your firm already supports or runs a project as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) role, you can get even more involved at the personal level.

This is most important. Take steps in your own private life to stop water wastage – like closing the tap when brushing your teeth, getting leaking pipes fixed immediately, etc. If you see water wastage in public places, call the authorities immediately and make sure it us addressed.

You see, we live in a nation where pure and safe drinking water is still a ‘privilege’ for a majority of the citizens. Problems may persist at the level of local authorities, but the solution lies with each individual.

(The author, Radhakrishnan Pillai is a ‘leadership strategy’ trainer and consultant)

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