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Tuesday - 15 Oct 2019 on LinkedIn
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Role of HR in making High Performing Organizations

HR is one of the most challenging and talked about profession in the contemporary industrial scenario. It’s obviously not for the faint hearted. The industry leaders’ today question the viability of an HR professional in a high performing organization. It is rather common for HR professionals to come across questions like, “What is the contribution of a HR professional that help an organization to compete in the marketplace?” The answer to this question is not simple. Companies today compete not only on the basis of productivity but also on other parameters like service, knowledge and responsiveness. To survive in the race, an organization ought to be focused, fast, and friendly.

Creating such an environment is not easy. They need experts, who have knowledge and understanding of creating an organizational culture that will easily bring out these attributes. Here’s an overview of how an HR professional influences an organization:

• HR posseses the knowledge that today’s organizations need:  This is where HR professionals become indispensable for an organization. By helping an organization create a high performance work culture, an HR professional directly contributes to the fundamental source of competitiveness, which is the organization’s human resource.  World class organizations are aware of this fact. This is why such companies consider their people as their greatest asset. In other words, an organization cannot excel with an underperforming workforce and this is where the HR plays an important role.

• Creating a corporate culture: High performing companies know the importance of a healthy corporate culture. In fact, many HR experts call corporate culture to be the fertile soil that breeds natural excellence. So, it’s the job of the HR to help the management create a corporate culture where people want to perform well and are proud to excel.

• Bringing out the best in people: HR professionals play a pivotal role in helping the management create an environment where people willingly and voluntarily contribute to the growth of the organization. This is very important for the employees to align their personal growth and development to the performance of the organization. HR professionals train and guide the managers through this process so that they can successfully motivate their respective team members and align their growth and development to that of the organizations’. 

HR professionals are indispensable to help an organization achieve its optimal level of output and performance. So, it’s no wonder that such professionals are finding a strong foothold today in every organization, especially those that take pride in their high performance levels.


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Posted: 29/04/2013 07:59:14

A very informative article indeed.

I truly concur to the article above, that for the overall growth and high performing organisations, the role of HR holds one of the core places. HR's knowledge and ability to bring out the best in its people and thus create a culture wherein the people actually would love to work can definitely help scale heights.

Mahak Khandelwal

Posted: 31/10/2012 02:06:03

Good insight by the Author, but I would like to add to this.

Changing mindset to acknowledge HR Functions as Business Operation Functions would certainly make a difference, Time has gone when HR was back seat Function. It has now become Business Strategy Function.

Many more to come !!!!


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