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Can leadership be taught?

One of the most common questions asked today is whether leadership can be taught or not. While some believe that it can be taught, there are others who believe that a leader is born. People of the latter school of thought believe that leadership is something that is either there in you or not. While there is no definite answer to the question of whether leadership can be taught, it is important to understand the various factors that make this question answerable. One of the important questions to ask after in this aspect is whether or not you can learn to become a leader. Understanding the basics of the facts that help one become a better leader will help you understand the question as well as the difficulty in answering it better. 

Do you have it in you?
Leadership can be taught, as in the various skills and traits that are in a leader can be made known to you. However, whether you have it in you or not is the main question regarding the effectiveness of that teaching. For instance, if you want to become a writer, chances are that you need to have a strong desire to weave words and tell a story. If you desire writing to an extent that it is a burning passion for you, chances are that you can become a great writer, even if you are not one at this moment, with enough practice and discipline. However, if you do not have a burning passion for writing but are looking at it as a passing interest, chances are that you might learn how to write well with practice but you will never become a great writer. This is the same case with becoming a leader. You might be taught the skills required for becoming a great leader but unless you desire it with a burning passion, no lesson is going to change you.
Understanding the skills
As mentioned earlier, leaders have a variety of skills that they must hone in order to become a truly great one. While these skills can be honed externally, burning desire to become a leader is necessary if you want the leadership lessons to truly work. Listed below are some of the important skills or behaviors that play a significant role in leadership:
·         Knowledge is the key but more important is the ability to process this knowledge by sorting and structuring it through critical thinking.
·         In order to truly embrace great leadership, it is important to have a vision. This involves seeing ahead, rather than focusing on the present, while taking into account the past as well.
·         The ability to listen carefully to all stakeholders, including yourself, is another important trait. In addition, it is important to know when to speak and how to speak after you have listened carefully.
·         Leaders are essentially doers. In other words, it is important that you lead by example, where you are the first one to move ahead and embrace the changes or handle any new issues.
·         Endurance and empathy are two other factors that good leaders should have to ensure better leadership
While the above factors can be taught, the fact still remains that leadership can only be taught to those who want to learn.
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