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How to manage and adapt to change?

There is nothing permanent except change - this is a very old adage, often used by most of us to emphasize the transitional nature of our lives. However, if there is something that all of us fear and want to avoid, it is this very change. This is truer in organizations, where employees find it soothing to follow certain routines and patterns, and are often insecure in the face of change. Change management is a method used by employers to ensure successful management and adaptation to change in the organization.

Here are some ways in which you can help employees manage and adapt to change:-

  • Communication

    Establishing an open channel of communication, where knowledge is freely available, even during normal circumstances, is extremely important when helping employees manage and adapt to change. This open communication channel will help you voice the reasons behind certain decisions while also talking about the forthcoming changes in your organization. Open communication channels mean and express trust and respect from all employees towards their employers, making resistance to change minimal. Similarly, make sure that you communicate the reasons for the change as well as the expected changes clearly and straight from the heart. Allow your employees to voice their fears and concerns about the change in question, as this will enable them to adapt more easily.

  • Establishing a change team

    Another important factor that you should consider when helping employees manage and adapt to change is the composition of a change team. This could be a team of your top performing people, who have different levels of credibility, both within and outside the organization. Appointing such a team would ensure that neither your employees nor your customers feel the pinch of the change. Similarly, aligning your management team in such a way that they take on the role of dynamic leaders, all working together, will ensure that change is implemented in a positive framework. This would also help in ensuring that strategies are in place for the implementation of any such proposed change.

  • Changes should be introduced gradually

    When getting employees to manage and adapt to change, it is often seen that the magnitude or extent of the change plays an extreme role in its smooth acceptance or lack thereof. Under these circumstances, it is always advisable to introduce changes gradually, in smaller bits and pieces, while allowing your employees to accept these changes and adapt to them before implementing the next level of change. However, there are situations, where changes made in one go are better than when made gradually. It is important to take into account your organization, its employees and their beliefs before introducing changes via either of these methods.

  • Understand difficulties and help manage resistance

    As with any change, it is important to expect and anticipate both difficulties in its adoption as well as some resistance towards it. As a leader or employer, it is important to understand these difficulties and help employees handle them positively. Through an open communication channel, it is possible to alleviate some of the concerns that are seen with every change while also tackling the resistance. It is important to empathize with your employees on the challenges they are likely to face, in order to ensure smooth acceptance of the change.  

Finally, it is important to understand that you are the role model when helping your employees manage and adapt to change. How you react to the changes and how you deal with them plays a very important role in their acceptance of the changes.

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Posted: 31/10/2014 05:25:14

This is very helpful piece of information in managing constructive change. In my opinion when communicating about the change it is also important to reveal the effects of the changes and kind of support that should be given for those who will be affected.

All in all whenever there is a change there are those who will affected.

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