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When Ethics have Failed: Falsifying Documents....
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Falsifying Documents
When Ethics have Failed: Falsifying Documents in the Workplace

These days, it sometimes feels as though everywhere we look, there is another example of unethical behavior such as falsifying documents. Unfortunately, unethical and even, on occasion, illegal activity is becoming increasingly common in today’s workplace. Perhaps even worse is the fact that we are all victims when even one person is falsifying documents or performing some other unethical activity, because in the end, it does indeed hit us all in the wallet.

Falsifying documents, for example, means that the records of a business are being altered. Whether those records be the timecard recording a person’s hours at work, financial documents, or records of sale, anything that defrauds the business or its customers is ultimately harmful to everyone involved. It means that you will need to make up for the work that the unethical employees fail to accomplish, and if the falsifying documents leads to a decrease in profits, as is often the case, then pay cuts or layoffs may result.

It is sometimes very hard to accept that this is going on in one’s very own workplace. That such dubious behaviors as falsifying documents could be possible among the people around us every day; with whom we chat, and whom we would like to be able to trust. But it should not be ignored. Ignoring actions such as falsifying documents will only lead to their continuation, and likely their worsening.

Certainly, it is very simple to fall into the “everybody does it” trap, and to convince oneself that it isn’t too much of a big deal, but those are only ways to fool oneself into not taking any action – a seemingly easier route. It isn’t easier, though. For one thing, it costs the company, all of its employees, and its customers money. For another, just because somebody else does not follow ethical behaviors, it doesn’t mean that you should allow them to drag you down with them. You should always honor yourself and the honest people around you by sticking to your high moral standard. It is a level of courage that is required of all of us in the workplace.

It is courageous because it is not always easy to not only say that you won’t join in, but to take action when you know that what someone else is doing is clearly wrong. Among those wrongful activities is falsifying documents. Use your courage and speak the truth, to keep yourself on the right road, and to achieve higher successes within your career. By taking unprincipled shortcuts, or by turning a blind eye to others who do, you will not only never truly be a successful person – struggling to live with yourself – but you won’t reach your full potential, because you are allowing other dishonest people to hold you back.

The bottom line remains that just as honesty is the best policy, so is bringing the falsifying of documents to a fast and immediate halt

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