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Importance of Career Planning
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Chrm Message From: barkhajain Total Posts: 40 Join Date:
Rank: Executive Post Date: 10/08/2006 02:48:13 Points: 200 Location: India

I recall lines of an old English number, which said, “Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be. The future is not for us to see.” But when it comes to career planning we’ve got to peep into the future and decide what we wish to be.

Career planning is remotely related to ambition. But we have to be ambitious. But we have to be ambitions in our plans. It was a career planning of sorts which made Napoleon nearly the Emperor of the world. It was a definite well structured and determined planning which gave us freedom from British rule. It’s proper planning that results in great achievements.

Career planning is very important, and it needs to be done quite early in life. All of us are good in one thing or the other and the real challenge lies in recognizing these latent talents in us.

A doctor’s child need not necessarily or by default aim to become a doctor, simply because he has to continue from where his father leaves off. After all, we should not treat life as a relay race. A forced career of this kind will be suicidal for all, the doctor and the people he treats. This simply means that one must do what one likes most as far as career is concerned. Only then can professional goals be reached and one’s full potential utilized. How true! You can take a horse to the water but cannot force him to take a career for which he may not be suitable at all. And soon we have a disgruntled doctor, dissatisfied engineer or a frustrated artist. It’s therefore, very important that both parents and the child understand this fact and try and pursue career of the child’s choice. But this does not mean that the parents should be more like spectators in the whole set up. Certainly not, in fact their role should be one of a guide, friend and philosopher.

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Barkha Jain

Chrm Message From: tesmian Total Posts: 63 Join Date:  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 10/08/2006 03:37:52 Points: 315 Location: India

Thanks for the underlying significance of career planning, however these  tips also cater to the process of an undying successful career planning.

1. Never stop learning, it should be a continous process.

2. Be an effective listener.

3. Your job might be best place to start your career.

4. Build your network.

5. Your dream might show up tomorrow. Be prepared.

6. Make the right decisions and pick the right tools and instruments.

7. Finally, put your dreams into action.

Warm Regards,


Chrm Message From: Lucy Doss Total Posts: 21 Join Date:  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 11/08/2006 02:20:14 Points: 105 Location: India

Dear Barkha and Tesmian,

Both of you have given nice windows to career planning.

Career planning has an organizational context too. All good and progressive organizations take care of their employees by providing them new challenges and opportunities, according to the potential exhibited by them.

Those who take on these challenges, go up the ladder. That is how the organizations spot and create CEO / COO / CFO for future.


Lucy Doss

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