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“I brought you some ice cold lemonade,” she said smiling as she held out the bowl of fresh lemons. All I could do was laugh. Here we go again.

Last week it was fresh baked chocolate chip cookies as she stood with a grocery bag containing flour, brown sugar and chocolate chips. The week before she said a fresh pot of stew as she presented a basket of fresh vegetables.

My neighbor was amazing. At least once a week she shows up with the ingredients for some special treat for my family and comes in to fix it. Most people would simply fix the dish and stop by to drop it off, but not her. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Since my surgery last month, it has been very difficult to get around the kitchen and even harder to get out of the house to visit anyone. I looked forward to not only my neighbor’s cooking, but also the time we have to visit as she prepares those delicious treats in my kitchen.

Her humor isn’t bad either.