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Emotional Layers-The Onion Principle !!
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Chrm Message From: Lucy Doss Total Posts: 21 Join Date:
Rank: Executive Post Date: 24/08/2006 06:56:52 Points: 105 Location: Singapore

Dear Friends,

Human behaviour & emotions are always enigmatic.

They always unfold like layers of onion - one after the other.

Here is an interesting article by Chris Joscelyne on the above subject.

Hope you all will like it.


Lucy Doss

Some people are like a raw egg. They have a hard outer exterior, but once their shell is cracked or broken by a stranger, a workmate, a friend, a family member, or by a romantic partner, they start to fall apart.

Some people are like a jelly. They are soft, squishy and easily devoured. They have no emotional barriers and they are easily manipulated and used by others.
Some people are like an onion. Onions thrive emotionally because they have emotional layers and they know who can be allowed access to each layer … when, and under what circumstances.

Onions understand their layers and how much of their emotional selves they can reveal and share with others, without the risk of deep emotional hurt. This protects them, while allowing them to reveal and share their emotional layers in safety as they choose.

The Onion Principle

Layer 1 is the outer layer with smooth protective skin. Outside this layer is the world at large including the people we meet, do business with, work with, and with whom we have social contact.

Layer 2 is the first inner layer. This is for friends, pals and others we know and like.

Layer 3 is the next inner layer. This is for close family members, and close friends we know and trust.

Layer 4 is for romantic, trusting friendship (boyfriend/girlfriend)

Layer 5 is for embarking on a loving long-term relationship

Layer 6 is for the children if the onion is a parent

Layer 7 is for a total partnership of love and commitment

Layer 8 is the innermost layer (the place where your "inner child" lives). It is your most personal, private inner emotional space.

The Rest of the article can be read at

Chrm Message From: shawn Total Posts: 40 Join Date:  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/08/2006 00:19:37 Points: 200 Location: Singapore

Dear Lucy,

That's one of the most delicate issue of a human being which deals with emotions, behavior and human sentiments. Hidden talents, qualities and natural skills are the strategic edge and the key to future success of companies. That is what strategic thinking needs to focus on in relation to work force development. It is the onion principle whereby instead of extending outwardly the direction is inward promoting. Every organization has known and hidden talent. The known talent performs and gets rewarded while the hidden talent is unknown and therfore unused.

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