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Exit Interview Findings
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Analysis of Nobscot Exit Interviews Reveals Managers Rated High in Job Skills; Low in Managerial Abilities 

Analysis of more than 10,000 employee exit interviews from Nobscot Corporation's exit interview system reveal that although employees view their managers as being skilled at their job, they are less positive about their supervisor's managerial abilities in such things as providing appropriate levels of praise, rewards and reprimands. Seventy percent of departing employees rated their direct supervisor's job skills as favorable or most favorable. This favorable rating dropped to 54% when employees rated supervisors on providing the appropriate level of praise and rewards, and 53% for delivering the appropriate level of reprimands.

These results were culled from Nobscot Corporation's WebExit exit interview system ( which is used by companies worldwide to identify reasons for employee turnover. The exit interviews in this analysis include employees from the Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Healthcare, Education, Government and Technology sectors.

Other findings from the exit interview analysis include:
- The managerial factor that received the greatest number of unfavorable ratings was "The appropriate level of praise and rewards." 23% of all respondents rated this factor as either unfavorable or least favorable.
- "Supervisors' ability to motivate" and "Supervisors' understanding of employees' needs" also received significant unfavorable ratings. Each of these managerial factors received an unfavorable or least favorable rating by 22% of respondents.
- The findings held true in both the US and in other countries. In Australia, for example, the contrast was even more stark with 87% of employees rating their supervisor's skill level favorably but only 52% rating their supervisor favorably for providing the appropriate level of praise and reward and just 35% of employees felt their supervisor provided the appropriate level of reprimands.
- The UK mirrored the United States closely in regard to favorability of manager skill level at 68% favorable but only 44% of UK employees rated the levels of praise/rewards favorably and just 33% rated the level of reprimands as favorable.

More information on this study is available at Nobscot Corporation's website at: 



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