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Clarity on HR Development Issues ?
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Chrm Message From: priyanka Total Posts: 86 Join Date: 26/09/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 04/10/2006 02:27:40 Points: 430 Location: United States

Dear Team

I will be glad if someone could share their expertise on the following questions considering that we are a human resource development organization.

Question 1
Procedure for PF, Gratuity, Insurance contribution.  What role should a company play in all this process.

Question 2
Can I get details about HR manuals of company where HR policies and procedures are explained with implications.

Question 3
What is the procedure for Leave Encashment and accumulated leaves.

Question 4
What are the different statuary compliance mandatory for a training institute.

Question 5
If an employee breaks the bond period and leaves the company, do we need to give a relieving order and what are formalities for this particular act.

The replies of the team shall be really helpful.  

Thanks in advance,


Chrm Message From: hr.hitesh Total Posts: 32 Join Date: 26/09/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 04/10/2006 03:59:52 Points: 160 Location: United States

Hello priyanka,

I've posted my answers below, please feel free to scroll it down. This is based on my company's practice which is an estate development company in Middle East.

1. Your company plays the vital role for it is your company especially from the HRD Department who has to enroll employees to insurance contributions and their dues such as statutatory benefits.

2. Are you referring to what specific policy or procedure?

3.  Each regular employee with at least one year of service shall be granted (15) days vacation leave with pay for every year of service rendered. Such regular employee with at least one (1) year of service shall be granted 15 days sick leave with pay for every year of service in the event he is unable to work due to illness. Sick leave with pay shall be allowed only in case of sickness or accident which prevented the employee from reporting to his place of work.

5. Resignation letter would be necessary ( give his dues such as 13th month pay or separation pay if applicable). As for some companies, they are willing to rehire employees after a yr. and after proper evaluation but as to our company 6 months is enough.

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