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Is the Age Criteria crucial while Recruiting ?

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Is the Age Criteria crucial while Recruiting ?

I feel it really is. I do not understand why, suddenly the age becomes so much crucial to the recruitment. If one reads advertisements one finds that what ever may be the level of a position age criterion seems to be much low. The trend is to keep the age levels too low.

One reason could be the old relation and/or equation of Designations and Job profile or Role definitions are diluted substantially. The complexity of Roles and its relation with the designation have been distorted a lot. Therefore, at times, they are misguiding.

Secondly money equivalent of a Role has increased substantially. An employee who is handling much complex role in old economy is being paid much less compared to similar role being paid in new economy. This is second distortion that has taken place.

Age which is an indicator how old is your physical body it does not indicate anything else. At best, though the percentage reality is very low, it could also be an indicator of reflexes of body. Age is never and can not be an indicator of health, energy, intelligence, depth of knowledge and experience, potential, ambition, capability to deliver goods, competency, ability to sustain and withstand under pressure, etc. This could vary from person to person inspite or independent of age.

This myth that, younger the person he is more capable of delivering the goods has been disproved and blown.

The gap is only of exposure. The employment opportunity in its complexity, variety and numbers is more these days as compared to olden days. The facility, mechanism, availability of information, speed, choices and alternatives have improved a lot. Competition is equally hot.

Corporate is reviewing its policy of recruiting younger people on crucial positions, bias against existing employees especially those who have crossed a certain benchmark age levels, cutting thin so much that the organization becomes weak, feeble and risk prone, etc.

Anyone who is responsible for recruitment should review his frame of reference with reference to above.


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Re: Is the Age Criteria crucial while Recruiting ?

Hi Mathews,

Thats a very relevant topic which has certainly but not a valid answer from the industry professionals as of now. The days when seniority positions required people with experience, age, specialisation, practical exposure seems to be diminishing with time. Today, one can see a manager who is in his mid twenties or probably a VP who is just in his late thirties. Time and tide seems to have changed a many. Today companies are going for younger generation talent assuming the fact that they come with new ideas, initiatives etc but they aren't yet ready to face situations of crisis and risks which can only be handled appropriately by the senior people who have been thru the thick and thin of the industrial generation.

However, it would be nice to see someone address this issue and the repurcusions behind it. Until then, lets keep offering creame de la creame to the youngsters ; )