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Here are some suggestions and tips for time management that can leverage our time and make us more productive.

- Recognize from the beginning that we will probably have to make minor changes in our project times and schedules from time to time.

- Provide for more time than we think we will need. This makes our schedule flexible enough to allow for the unexpected.

- Plan for the time in between meetings. This is valuable time, yet probably the easiest to waste. Get into the habit of using it productively.

- Do not schedule time for certain things, such as reading your mail, when we know it is impractical. We all have a time of the day when we aren't likely to accomplish much.

- Plan for a good balance of activities. Social life has many aspects that are all important to success.

- Accomplish a few vital goals rather than many trivial ones.

- Break large, overwhelming goals down into smaller, more attainable tasks.

- Carry a pocket planner or date book and use it.

- Keep a calendar. Mark all-important dates (for example, dinner with your spouse or meeting with associates/colleagues) as soon as you get them.

- Keep a visible list of "Things to Do" and mark them off as completed.

- Do unpleasant tasks first.

- Neatness makes the job much easier.

- Allow time for yourself to relax and do nothing.

- Read a book or watch a video on time management and effective use of time

- Establish clear priorities for what we want to get done. Identify tasks and activities that are of highest priority and eliminate those of low priority.

- Every day make a list of what we have to do tomorrow. Prioritize the list and plan to do the most important tasks first.

- Block out a specific time slot each day to do your priority tasks. Concentrate fully during this time.

- Figure out when you work most efficiently. Do priority tasks then.

- Leave time in your schedule for emergencies. Don't have too many priority tasks in one day. Be realistic.

- Ask yourself, "What am I doing that someone else could do?" Delegate!

- Try to do more than one thing at once. For example, do errands on your lunch hour, shop at a location where you can do several errands in one place.

- Don't schedule too many things, so that you have to rush during your lunchtime. This can add more stress and slow you down.

- See where you can build in extra time. Getting up a bit earlier is one way, but only if you still get enough rest for your body.

- Identify pockets of time that are wasted and see if you can use them more efficiently.

- Throw things out immediately (mail, newspapers, trade publications) to reduce clutter and the need to reorganize.

- As often as possible, provide written instructions to subordinates. This can prevent numerous interruptions-by both of you.

- Do more than your fair share when you are less stressed. Then, you are much more likely to get help during those times you need it.

- Remember, though, you have to ask for help to get it.

- Divide seemingly overwhelming tasks into small increments, and attack them one at a time.

- Do one task each day that we don't like to do. It's good discipline and it will help us through the tough times.

- Discuss time management with your boss and with your co-workers, and determine what you can do as individuals and as a team to use time more effectively.

- Purge you're hard copy files annually -- your hard disk monthly if possible.

- Stand up while on the telephone. Your conversations will be shorter.

- Don't try to over control others. It's frustrating for them and time-consuming for you.

- Make a "worry" list. These events seldom materialize and you won't spend so much time worrying in the future once you realize this.

- If you find it difficult to get any quiet time, try to arrive at the office 20 minutes before anyone else.

- Set up a tickler file on your computer to automatically remind you of important projects and appointments.



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