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Art of Communication

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Art of Communication

Dear Team

Many times , we fail to listen and when the clock ticks , we dream things we really dont deserve , thinking -silence is a sign of acceptance , here is an example...

A Multi Millionaire walked into a restaurant ,

The man was fantastic , beautiful and charming

He had an inherent ego , that he is the most handsome person in that place

When he was waiting to have his dinner , he saw a lovely waitress attending him and she was fantastic

She took him yet another customer , with lot of care she was serving him, the body language and the soft voice made this man to think granted that this waitress is attracted towards him

When he finished the dinner and paid the bill , he paid tips to the girl which was 10 times more than his bill ,

Having done this the girl was amazed at his behavior and understood his inner nature , she settled the bill and came to his place

The man stopped the girl and asked her to tell the three famous words ( I, Love , YOU) and he thought that the girl was in his trap

The girl stopped for a minute and told the three famous words ( Keep Your Balance)

She walked away

We can learn many things out of this example

Listen , Observe and React

Keep your cool

Never assume things

Never over do

Communicate clearly and not cleverly