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When it comes to asking for employee opinions, several leading and successful companies all over the world endorse that the more honest, open feedback they can get, the better are the chances for the company to grow and become profitable as they can step up their product range or offerings and enable services become a profitable venture too.

As the link between employee engagement and productivity gains more and more attention, more and more companies are turning to independent outside consultants/vendors for surveys that provide a closer look at Business and HR Practices. Some companies use surveys to identify management practices that result in outstanding performance. There are other companies that conduct surveys every other year. Where as there are other companies that use questionnaires to home in on specific topics, such as a diversity survey etc., conducted by some companies that employ people who become a part of their group but come from different countries. I may not be surprised if companies in India also will go for such a survey as the demand for people is growing and India being so vast has its share of cultural and language diversities. Survey’s by nature are important because managements want to know the concerns of their employees for retention and recruiting purposes. Employee survey when administered every other year, management at each of these companies discuss the findings with employees and seek feedback. They don't ask who answered positively or negatively – [they're] just asking for thoughts of what we need to be looking at. Action is then taken to resolve issues. "If there is a drop of say 10 percentage points or more in [total] score compared to the previous year, they send somebody from corporate human resources to find out how they can help address the situation. Doing this exercise has made these companies realize that the scores have gone up gradually every year.

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