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Chrm Message From: rehaan Total Posts: 69 Join Date: 30/10/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 25/02/2007 12:33:01 Points: 345 Location: India

Hello Friends,

I am pursuing my MBA HR from a reputed university and am planning to get a certification/course in ERP and thought Oracle HRMS course (Functional) to be the best option, once I complete my Master's. I want to know Sap HR is Better or Oracle HRMS or Peoplesoft HR . Which is in more demand right now and which one will be more helpful for an HR to build career and reach the highest echelons of a professional organization ?
During my research, I found out that the Oracle University is directly conducting Oracle 11 i HRMS courses. I contacted the authorized centers for oracle and got to know that this course is not given to them and that it is directly handled by Oracle. I also got to know that the course fee is around 1 lakh. I enquired about this to my friends and got to know that irrespective of where you do the course they would ask for implementation experience for job. Is it worth doing this course in this case?

I also got to know that there is no examination for the Oracle HRMS course ,where as SAP conducts certification exams for SAP HRMS Course. Will it have any impact on the certificates that we get. Will I be "Oracle certified" and will i get a certificate of that sort or will it be like a participation.

Let me know which one will be better one ..



Chrm Message From: ruchi@hr Total Posts: 41 Join Date: 30/10/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/02/2007 12:39:56 Points: 205 Location: India

Hi rehaan,

I completely understand that you are amongst the one's who would want to have a control over their career's right from the beginning. All 3 Sap/Oracle and Peoplesoft HR have their own markets and are equally in demand, although as you know Peoplesoft had been acquired by Oracle so Oracle will try to market its own product than the Peoplesoft as per my understanding.

If you are planning to do any course then for Oracle and Peoplesoft you have to contact Oracle University they offer course in Oracle as well as Peoplesoft, if you go for SAP then do it from recognized channel only

For all the courses you would be given a Certification like if you'll do a Functional course you will be HRMS Functional Certified, if you are doing project management you will be PMP and so on.

And on- hands work experience is a major factor, any Company where you would apply would like to see candidate with similar previous experience either the project is new implementation, Upgrade, Conversion,Migration etc.

In India Oracle ERP market is not that wide whereas you will find most companies using Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and SAP.

But in near future Oracle is likely to grow worldwide as they are now coming with Oracle Fusion

I have also heard that now SAP and Microsoft will collaborate to compete against Oracle, as you night have known Microsoft also having ERPs, they have a MS eCRM and MS Dynamics that deals with Supply Chain I think.

All ERPs in HR have modules and you will have to find some areas to specialize like Recruit,Benefits Administration, Base Benefits,Payroll, Compensation, Performance Management etc

Hope this will be of some help.



Chrm Message From: Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 30/10/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 06/05/2009 13:46:26 Points: 15 Location: India

Dear Rehaan,

In my opinion, it will be the best if u go for SAP certification as this is the one most used worldwide by very large organizations; it provides the most accurate & flexible soulution to managing & integrating business operations.

So far SAP-HR is concerned, I would like to elucidate a few points that you must know before being a certified consultant:

1. Apart from being certified, having a primary implementation experience on any live project isequally important in SAP

2. You must be aware of the perosnnel processes that exist in India (or other countires where u want to migrate / intent to get a job), as this has directly to apprehend with the statutory liabilities / responsibilities.

3. SAP-HR is based on atleast 3 technical platforms: ABAP, Basis & WebDynPro. So first enquire with the insititute what is their pedagogy; whether or not they focus on these aspects.

In India, there are 2 premiere SAP (Germany) certified SAP-learning institutes: Genovate & Siemens. Their certifications are valid worldwide 7 fetch a good return on investment once you're on board.

Peoplesoft & Oracle have a drawback that they cannot be always useful for very complex businesses / processes & somethimes they violate the law of synergy / centralization / standardization. This is not the case with SAP. SAP Labs monitor the implementation & modifications made to SAP portals with each client; any unathorized access in inadvertently denied or sent for further routing / authorization.

SAP courses, today, typically range between 1.5 lacs to 3.75 lacs. There are other insititutes as well who offer SAP training but their certificates are not alwasy valid globally. In that case you have to solely rely on your implementation experience (which nevertheless will be the case otherwise).

I hope this information guides you. Good luck.

Tapan Shah

Chrm Message From: pakeeraiah Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 30/10/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 03/12/2009 09:16:50 Points: 5 Location: India


dear sir,

this is pakeeraiah ,B.Com now i am working as an Accountant at Sowbhagya Media Ltd and i am drawing 20,000/- p.m as a salary , but i expect  right suggission from you, that is i decided  to learn the SAP FICO., modul,

so i request you plase replay to me

thanking you

yours faithfully,




Chrm Message From: budiya Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 30/10/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 08/04/2010 09:42:37 Points: 15 Location: India


I have just started up my career as HR-Executive,i would like to be profesional in the field of Human Resources Management.I also wanted to learn erp packages related to human resources management.Which is the best...SAP,Peoplesoft, or oracle.

Can anyone help build up my career.Please

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