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How to learn Leadership Skills through Simulations
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Dear Business / HR Leaders,

Every decision a Leader takes has an impact on the lives of employees from salary & health to the possibility of equipment failure or environmental disaster. Can you imagine what the consequences would be if an new employee steps into the control room of a nuclear plant and tries to find out what the plant can do or a new manager belittling his/her staff or not knowing what to say at a meeting. We do agree that every mistake is a learning opportunity but we don't want to bring the company down in that process.

Simulations can be a powerful method to instill real-world skills. The US Marine Corps used Doom to teach battlefield tactics and a recent survey revealed that doctors who used simulations made 37 percent fewer mistakes. So we can conclude that the tools that make better soldiers and doctors can also make better corporate leaders.

Virtual Leader is a simulation program designed to meet the challenges of the new economic era. It is a program that offers eLearning economies while elevating the coaching effectiveness of your staff and a program that can focus your workforce and give them the skills to make effective decisions.

About Virtual Leader
Virtual Leader contains everything you need to get started immediately. It can be used as a stand alone simulation program and can also be integrated into your current Leadership curriculum/program.

The concept behind Virtual Leader is a fascinating one: Put a Leader inside a simulated work environment to practice the tenets of three-to-one Leadership. The manner in which Virtual Leader's computer-generated 3-D employees talk, react and display their support or disagreement is not only an impressive feat of design, but also an engaging approach to leadership training.

Simulations can be threatening to first time users, but Virtual Leader has excellent background material which brings learners up to speed quickly. It comes with a guide that describes the theory. Feedback plays a key role in Virtual Leader. The learner is given a summary of how he or she used the key tenets of three-to-one leadership to manage the expectations of the meeting. Indirect feedback between characters also facilitates learning.

Important Features
Virtual Leader is an Award Winning Product from ASTD

Virtual Leader is used by international organizations like
- Yale School of Management
- Verizon
- Hilton
- United Technologies
- US Coast Guard
- Fordham University
- WestPoint

The most advanced Leadership Simulator in the market today

Focused on developing Leadership skills through Simulation

Accelerated Learning through interactive approach, practice & real life like simulations

Provides opportunity to practice different Leadership Styles in a safe and motivating environment

Virtual Role-play with artificially intelligent avatars

Objective feedback & assessments

Flexible deployment to meet the needs of the Learner

Accelerated results

Practice & learn until the new more effective skills become intuitive

One-time investment for a lifetime of learning

Deployment Options
Virtual Leader offers the flexibility to meet different needs and approaches. It can be custom deployed to meet individual and organizational requirements. Some options include:

1, 2, or 3 Day Training Programs
Virtual Leader can be the center of a dedicated one to three day symposium, with plenty of examples, discussion, and hands-on simulator experience.

Part of a longer program
Virtual Leader can be integrated into longer programs, either about leadership, management, or dozens of other business critical topics.

Enhanced one-to-one coaching
Coaches and consultants use Virtual Leader to better work with their internal or external clients. They diagnose behavior in minutes what might normally take months.

Standalone Simulator
Virtual Leader can be distributed on a stand-alone basis, supported by us though webinars and programs.

We are promoting Virtual Leader in India. When you buy the Virtual Leader Program from us you will also receive the following

- Free training on how to use Virtual Leader
- Follow up support & Coaching
- Free access to webinars

Kindly write to us @ or contact us @ 91-9841299928 to know more or to buy Virtual Leader.


Ragland Thomas
Certified EQ Trainer & Coach
Staffintel Consulting

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