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Chrm Message From: paulthomas Total Posts: 43 Join Date: 05/08/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 07/03/2007 11:50:54 Points: 215 Location: --

Dear All

Can anybody help me out how to decide compensation for overseas projects particulary in GULF region.

what are the factor we have to consider for overseas deputation like salary / tax / other allowance if any.

Its required very urgently.

Chrm Message From: troger Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 05/08/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 07/03/2007 11:58:43 Points: 105 Location: --

The Gulf Countries are typically non tax. However as far as deputation is considered, you would need to look at the duration.

For short term deputation (less than 6 months) the employee would get a fixed per diem over and above his boarding and lodging (provided he/she is generating revenue and not on training). The per diem is dictated by grade and location hardship. During this time the home country salary continues as normal.

For long term depuation it is preferred to have a transfer if the option exists. However this is with regard to the oil industry where we have mobility at the drop of a hat.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.



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