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Best Practices for Successful Hiring
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Dear Friends,

Let me share with you the best practices for successful interviewing and hiring which needs to have the following elements : -

Job specification. Define what the job really requires in terms of the required education, experience, physical capabilities, and interpersonal skills.

Recruit diversity. Diversify the external sources of applicants.

Selection. Interview only applicants who meet the minimum requirements.

Application. Require every applicant to complete and sign an application for employment.
Non-discriminatory interviews. Avoid asking questions that directly elicit or may indirectly elicit information; avoid personal questions that may be perceived as inappropriate and/or invasive.

Job-related interviews. Develop a uniform list of job-related questions for each position to ensure consistency in questions and phraseology.

Multiple interviewers. Involve multiple persons in the interview process; ensure demographic diversity among the multiple interviewers.

Non-discriminatory hiring. Avoid either the consideration or discussion of characteristics or customer preferences related to the same in the decision-making process; consider and document only legitimate, articulate, job-related factors.

Hire diversity. Be aware that in the selection process the human tendency is to be comfortable with similarity and unconsciously uncomfortable with difference; and that differences in style, perspective and community contacts are beneficial to the business.

Background screening. Perform background screening before extending a job offer; document the attempt, even if no response is received.

Views are further invited from the fellow members??


Prof Tandon

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