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Preparation of GD & PI of Mba
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Chrm Message From: durgesh Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 13/03/2006
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 13/03/2006 22:30:07 Points: 5 Location: india

Dear friends


please suggest me some quick tips so that i can be prepare for gd & pi of mba.

Chrm Message From: CHRM Total Posts: 209 Join Date: 13/03/2006  
Rank: Coach Post Date: 14/03/2006 07:03:21 Points: 1045 Location: india

Dear Durgesh,

Follow the below mentioned tips for success in a Group Discussion and Personal Interview :

Success Factors in a GD

1]Cognitive skills or knowledge
The most important aspect of your contribution to a GD is the Quality of Content (QOC), which is reflected in the points you speak and knowledge of the relevant subject you have, the supportive examples you give and data you generated etc.

2]Comprehension of core idea
It is essential to deliver a high quality content. But to do that , you should speak on the topic and not deviate. It is checked whether you have identified the crux of the problem or not and whether the solutions you are offering is relevant to the problem or not.

3]Logical reasoning
It includes understanding the topic, generating quality arguments, analysis and a progressive approach to a justifiable conclusion. This is one of the necessary attributes to be seen in an influential participant. Such people convey an impression of open minded and logic driven rather than that of an opinionated individual.

4]Behavioural and Personality Skills
This includes certain attributes like rapport building, team membership, participation, patience, assertion and accommodation, amenability, leadership etc,. that are assessed during a GD.

5] Communication Skills
You should be able to articulate your thoughts properly and you should also be able to understand what others are trying to tell you.

6] Clarity of thought
In whatever you are articulating, are you following logical sequence/ order or is that you are presenting the points in some bits and pieces.

7] Body Language and Eye Contact
These are some tools which check your level of confidence and whether you can work together effectively in group or not.

Success Factors for a Personal Interview

1] Entering the room
-Prior to opening the door, adjust your attire so that it falls well.
-If the members of the interview board want to shake hands then offer a firm grip maintaining eye contact and a smile.
-Seek permission to sit down.
-Diffuse the tense situation with a light-hearted humour and immediately set a rapport with the interviewers.

2] Lead the Interview
-A good interviewee would be quick to settle and begin to lead the interviewers.

3] Enthusiasm
-The interviewer normally pays more attention if you display an enthusiasm in whatever you say.
-You should maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the interview i.e. a pleasant countenance holds the interviewers interest.

4] Be Brief

5] Don't Bluff - be honest

6] Humor- humor tends to break the monotony and puts every one at ease and also generates interest and enthusiasm.

7] Interviewer fatigue
-Mostly interviews are conducted the whole day leading to fatigued minds.
-A little humour as a starter will ease the fatigued minds. However, if you do not have the knack of humour, it is better not to get into it.
-You must be proactive in offering information about yourself as the interviewers will be willing listeners.

8] Be well mannered: show courtesy

9] Avoid slang

10] Be poised

11] Ask Question, if necessary

12] Eye Contact- maintain good eye contact with the persons interviewing you.

13] Listen carefully and answer to the point.

14] Be natural, do not pretend that you are somebody else.

I am sure that paying precise attention to these tips while preparing for your GD and PI shall take you thru the success path..



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