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Presenting Your Presentations
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Dear HR Colleagues & Students,

Many of us spend a substantial amount of time making presentations to Superiors/Customers in our own or in client organizations. Sometimes the presentations that we make seem to become the deciding elements of our success.

There are some skills that will ensure that you develop and present the right material in an effective way.

Plan and intent
Determine the reason why you are making the presentation and what you are expecting from the audience (to make a decision or to be informed).

Structure the content
There are many ways of structuring a presentation. Sequential structure where the issue is discussed as a sequence of points; hierarchical treatment where the main topic is broken down into topics, subtopics and further headings; and pyramid that is a related way of breaking down the issue into subheadings till the points get exhausted.

Determine content
Plan how you will tell your story, and organize your information accordingly. Communicate your intent at the outset; let your audience know what you expect to accomplish, or want from them.

Keep it focused
Keep slides simple and focused. Give one key message per slide/page.

Understand the audience
Frame your information keeping the audience in mind.

Prepare delivery
Prepare and rehearse.

Ensure that your communication is consistent. Use slides to facilitate a discussion. Stay focused and on the topic. People will try and get you off on tangents. Be succinct and direct. Instead of saying, "I've got a slide coming up," answer their question and say, "More will follow in the next couple of slides."

An effective presenter understands not only the subject but the audience and the environment as well..

Training Always,

eChoice Training