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Paper-Less Office
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Chrm Message From: Danish Total Posts: 39 Join Date: 20/07/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 03/05/2007 09:52:59 Points: 195 Location: Afghanistan

Dear All

Here is an interesting story regarding paper less office . But should we go about it the Indian military does ? In Army rules, it is stipulated that all official communications should be documented with the result that every year the army accumulates a mountain of papers. Frustrated at this, an enterprising Brigadier once ordered his subordinates to destroy all documents (this is a real story which happened in the early 90's) prior to 1960. So, the men piled all these 'unwanted' documents in an old shed and awaited the final go ahead from their CO before they set fire to them.

As is customary with the military, the Brigadier informed his General about the proceedings and received his approval. Just as he was about to give approval for setting fire to the enormous pile, there came an order from his General, which read as follows :

"Brigadier Jasbir Singh : You are hereby given permission to permanently destroy all documents dated prior to 01/01/1960 in the unit's possession after taking three copies of each - one to be sent to me, one to the HQ and one to be retained by you in your capacity as the CO of the unit !"

So, documentation does have its associated perils as well ......



Chrm Message From: hema Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 20/07/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 05/05/2007 07:17:21 Points: 105 Location: Afghanistan

paperless office is possible..but that will not include the HR and the finance deprtment as documentation is very necessary for both the may have an intranet and a HRIS but there will be certain records that will have to be documented. so it cannot be a 100% paperless organization..not in india..according to me.

pls give ur views.


Chrm Message From: bish-noi Total Posts: 30 Join Date: 20/07/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 05/05/2007 07:20:41 Points: 150 Location: Afghanistan


In fact, in my previous organisation, all HR policies was uploaded in Intranet. HR Manual, HR news, B'day, Performance appriasal, leave management, all kind of forms etc. It is quite useful in Software companmy especially engaged in consulting where they have operations accross the globe.

Stll, I feel, difficult to become 100% paperless. What do you say????



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