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Steps for Effective Appraisal
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Performance Appraisals have always been the center of attraction when it comes to asking of queries. Herewith are few steps for a successful & effective performance appraisal:

1) Schedule a mutually convenient time and place for the performance appraisal discussion.
2) Allow enough time and ensure privacy.
3) Explain that you would like the discussion to be a dialogue, with inputs from both of you included in the final written document.
4) Give the employee some options about how to prepare for the discussion.
5) Choose the right appraisal tool
6) Train supervisors to eliminate rating errors.
7) Make sure the performance standards are prescribed to all managers and employees.
8) Employ subjective supervisory ratings as only one component of the overall appraisal process.
9) Train supervisors to use the rating instrument properly.
10) Appraisers need to be in contact with the employee when he is being evaluated.
11) Whenever possible, have more than one appraiser conduct the appraisal and conduct all such appraisals independently.
12) Use formal appeal mechanisms.
13) Document evaluations and reasons for any termination decisions.

More points are welcome from professionals ..


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