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Is Money a Sole Motivator at Workplace ?
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Chrm Message From: Total Posts: 41 Join Date: 29/08/2006
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Dear Professionals,

The poll question reminds me of a discussion on :-

QUESTION: Is money a sole motivator at the workplace or there are other forms of motivation?

ANSWER: Although money is a motivational factor at the work place each individual has got other things that motivate him/her at the work place apart from money.

Any more..


Chrm Message From: johnn Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 29/08/2006  
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Dear Colleagues,

In as much as money shows up as a recurring decimal in motivation psycho-analysts have reached a conclusion that it hardly motivates.

This migth sound very radical but it is true.

Basically they came up with the concept-CAREER ANCHOR- that is that aspect of incentive/s that keeps an individual going as an employee, certainly this would differ from employee to employee.

For instance a monthly lunch with the CEO could just be a Senior Manager's means of been motivated and he ends up spending 30 years on the job.

While on the other hand some employees just want a yearly vacation all Company paid expenses with their family.

To some individuals it is just the ability to keep on proving themselves on the job and been acknowledged for the breakthroughs that motivates them.

For instance a BioChemist in a Research Institute would rather want to have access to enough fund to carryout researches than have his salary increased and get frustrated when no fund is made available for research findings.

To some it is the sense of security on their job that motivates them-no threat or intimidation of superiors with sack threats.

In some cases it is just the environment-very conducive, friendly, accommondating, diversification well managed, a problem solving workplace and the least can go on and on.

You would find out that money has little or nothing to do with virtually all listed above-most of them fall under emotive nature of man.