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Positive Work Culture

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Positive Work Culture

Hello Colleagues,

I am asked to prepare a 'positive work cultures' training module. What should be the syllabus contained within the module. Please assist.



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Re: Positive Work Culture

Dear bindu,

To build a strong and positive work culture, leaders must attend to numerous critical issues. These include the following:

· Develop a focused vision and mission. They must decide collaboratively what they want to achieve, what standards they wish to promote and what goals for employees achievement they will have.

· Identify core norms, values, and beliefs This includes identifying norms of behavior and decision making, establishing values and its purposes, and setting forth belief statements that can be guideposts for the company.

· Generate new rituals, traditions, and ceremonies that will bring the community together, transmit the culture, and commemorate important events and transitions. Ceremonies at the beginning and end of the year are key to forging community bonds like Company Annual Day. It is important to have award and recognition events to honor people who are making a difference.

· Foster norms of behavior that are unique to the Company, norms that forge strong positive interpersonal relationships. Be clear about how employees of various grades , vendors & contract employees etc are to be treated.

· Attend to the symbols, artifacts, history, and logos of the company. These outward manifestations of the company's culture and vision are key to communicating what the company stands for.

· Celebrate early successes as well as the occasions of birthdays or aniversary’s etc,both large and small. Without the visible celebration of efforts and achievements, motivation can be lost.

· Involve people in major policies decision making

· Fair & transparent C&B

· Hire the best Talent in the market to work with your organization does add to the positive work culture..