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Humor in Communication Gap
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Chrm Message From: ArYaN Total Posts: 12 Join Date: 15/11/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 12/06/2007 12:51:16 Points: 60 Location: United States

Dear Colleagues,

This is a perfect instance of creation of a communication gap at deifferent levels of an hierarchy.

From : Managing Director
To : Vice President

“Tomorrow morning there will be a total eclipse of the sun at nine o'clock. This is something which we cannot see everyday. So let all employees line up outside, in their best clothes to watch it. To mark the occasion of this rare occurrence, I will personally explain the phenomenon to them. If it is raining we will not be able to see it very well and in that case the employees should assemble in the canteen."

From : Vice President
To : General Manager

"By order of the Managing Director, there will be a total eclipse of the sun at nine o' clock tomorrow morning. If it is raining we will not be able to see it in our best clothes, on the site. In this case the disappearance of the sun will be followed through in the canteen. This is something we cannot see happening everyday."

From: General managers
To: Industry Managers

"By order of the Managing Director, we shall follow the disappearance of the sun in our best clothes, in the canteen at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. The Managing Director will tell us whether it is going to rain. This is something which we cannot see happen everyday."

From: Industry Managers
To: Location heads

"If it is raining in the canteen tomorrow morning, which is something that we cannot see happen everyday, the Managing director in his best clothes, will disappear at nine o'clock."

From : Location heads
To : Marketing Executives

"Tomorrow morning at nine o' clock, the Managing Director will disappear without his clothes. It's a pity that we can't see this happen everyday".

Hope you enjoyed it on a lighter note !!


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