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Understanding Through Introspection
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Chrm Message From: srini Total Posts: 163 Join Date: 18/07/2006
Rank: Leader Post Date: 22/06/2007 01:26:44 Points: 815 Location: India

Dear Friends,

Being able to ponder and understand oneself is perhaps one of the main basic differences between us humans and the other species on our earth.

I feel that it is our ability to understand ourself and work on ourself that decides how much we progress in life. Those are the great souls, who have spent enough time digging inside, understanding themselves and using this knowledge while spending their lives.

School is not as much about Education, as it is about helping the student understand his own potential in life.

Similarly, Training programs aimed at initiating a deep introspection by the participants and also leading them towards understanding themselves better, will always achieve so much more. This is a wonderful platform for actual learning and application to take

During the past 75 odd days, I have been travelling to various places all over India, meeting various people enroute and also at the destination cities. I have observed that every single person is in some search or the other. Some are clear about what they are searching and some are still quite lost. Some are aware of how they can reach their objectives, while some are still seeking some help.

While speaking to these people, I have been able to notice a common vein about the way all these people are struggling to find tangible solutions to basic and specific issues of life.

While most are searching outside, few are searching inside. Few are really seeking the silence of the soul where the wealth of the self exists. The current crop of external distractions has managed to take up so much of our daily life, there remains hardly any time for a person to introspect and look deep inside.

I feel that organizations who realize this craving and unsettledness that exists in the minds of their people, and arrange for programs, which structurally address this aspect, will really be adding value to the lives of their people.

I guess that if a module on introspection is included in every single training program, conducted henceforth, it will be able to generate a greater responce and also provide greater value to the participants.

Unless the vessel is washed properly, milk should not be boiled in it. Unless the mind is cleansed, new and fresh learning cannot take place.

Speaking from a trainers point of view, I can say that this is something that we have been consiously doing, and it has brought about better results than we expected. We are able to impart better language based education to our participants, when we have a session on introspection coupled along with the other modules.


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