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Chrm Message From: wilfreddsa Total Posts: 25 Join Date: 07/08/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 07/08/2007 08:07:21 Points: 125 Location: United States

Dear HR Professionals,

I wish to introduce myself as an HR Analyst working in Australia for a leading telecommunication company employing around 600 employees. We are presently involved in implementation of Oracle-HRMS application and simultaneously working towards achieving ISO 9000 certification.

Could anyone among the respectable team of HR be able to provide me with some material on how to formulate procedures & processes for HR function in tune with ISO standards?? It would be great if you could share me any of your work done already in this area.

I shall be obliged if any of you could share your experiences, suggestions and information regarding this area of ISO.

Appreciating your kind help.

Best regards,


Chrm Message From: prakash_chintamani Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 07/08/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 07/08/2007 08:11:17 Points: 90 Location: United States

There are certain areas which the ISO specifically focusses on..U'll have to check with the Quality Assurance/Trainer who's helping you attain this certification for those areas..As per my experience,we laid down process for Recruitment, Training,Skill Inventory & Human Resource Process Table.

First U'll have to decide how u'd like to go about doing a particular activity then the formats which u'd incorporate for those for example..say for trainings -

1)Need identification is to be done from quarterly KRAs(may be u want to identify the training needs as an yearly activity)

2)Quarterly calender has to be made(in case its an yearly training yearly calender with trainings identified monthwise has to be made) - The format cud contain columns like Training id,Training name,Planned days,No of persons to attend,Planned andays,actual mandays the training was conducted,Venor's name ,Date /Month of onducting/Conducted

3)Negociation with training vendors

4)Deciding a date and mailing to HODs and Participants

5)Filling up of training attendance sheet(Columns - Sr NO,Name of the participant,Department,Signature) and it has to contain information like Name of the training, Training ID,Person/Department who conducted and date

6)Training feedback form (which cud be designed as per your need and focussing on feedback of the faculty, training material,relevance of the training on the job etc)

7)Training effectiveness Evaluation Sheet which should contain the aggregate of all the individual feedback

8)Another mandatory training record would be the name of employees,departments,trainings which they have identified against conducted trainings for them

9) Feedback on each training from HODs to see whether it has been of any use to them or not/how it has effected their working U have to create these documents and create a FLOWCHART documenting the processes u follow for each activity..Now whatever document you generate have to be put in the PROCESS & HR PROCESS TABLE and these documents would be auditable.. Similarly u've to jot down the activities in recruitment,create a process through a flowchart and then create formats..auditable formats in recruitment are Personal data form,Manpower request Form & Interview assessment sheet Skill Inventory again is a mandatory requirement of ISO and they want to see the skills existing in an organisation..for this we had designed individual skill inventory forms and department skill inventory forms , the skills mentioned in these forms had to be rated by self as well as superior and this activity was an yearly activity..we had made this process online so that over and above we cud put in queries viz how many people are rated above 6 in VB by superiors ? - and the software wud fetch the answer...
Now the Human Resource Process table cud have fields viz Input,Activity,who does,Location and Output

Similarly u've to summarise all the departmental activities in the process table,define dates for doing that and the entire activities,formats and the process table wud be audited..

The idea is to have smooth processes and their being followed as per the process table we lay down..

Hope this clears some of ur doubts..

Chrm Message From: sonia_sharma Total Posts: 34 Join Date: 07/08/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 07/08/2007 08:16:05 Points: 170 Location: United States

Hi wilfred,

Have gone through your mail..I am having dual role in my organisation i.e HR and MR (To take care of ISO)..I am owner of HR process. So far, HR and ISO is concerned, please find below the following details:

1) Training has lots of importance in HR. Therefore, you need to have a chart that has details of Employee, Qualification, Skill set and Training. You need to update the same from time to time. This is mandatory as per ISO 9k12k.

2) Define roles, responisbility and authority for all levels / designations.

3) Competence awareness and gap analysis. Based on this, training plan and calendar should be drawn.

You need to write HR processes. It is upto you what you include in the process eg. recruitment, PA, Training, Probation, Confirmation, Separation, Training. However, please ensure your proceeses should have the measuring and monitoring parameters for efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. Analysis for the same is must from time to time and based on that, action plan needs to be worked out. For this, HR process must have few objectives.

Shoud you require any further assistance , do let me know.

Best Regards


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