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ROI Calculation on Training Expenses

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ROI Calculation on Training Expenses

Hi Friends,

I am priyanka and working in a Joint venture company as Training Facilatator. In our company, we have massive training activity going on and lot of investment done in this area. I would like any one of you to suggest me how to find out return on this investment. Our employee strength is 675 and 35% of them are engineers. We have mixed business of engineering and software. Any suggestion in this connection will help to strengthn the training process with concrete facts and figures at our end.

Thanks & awaiting for an earliest response.


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Re: ROI Calculation on Training Expenses

Hi priyanka,

It is a known fact that Behavior Changes are harder to measure. According to Prof. Don. Kirkpatrick  "It is possible to record behavior changes with carefully designed interventions, but if you are going to implement evaluations above Level 3 (Transfer) the interventions are costlier than the solution by itself". Hence he recommends that "Be aware that you can actually measure the behavior change implement simple interventions to record it, but don't dig it deep. It will be costlier than you think. About Level 4(Results) don't even think about calculating it, work on some basic assumptions which makes sense to your situation"

Don, repeats this phrase in every gathering he addresses " To justify training you must evaluate, here you need EVIDENCE not necessarily proof, finding proof is more costlier than you imagine"

However please be advised, it is indeed possible to measure behavior change. The following links will be useful to you, if you have the patience money to do so:

For those interested on measuring behavior, the field report published by Behavior Change Consortium may come handy. You can access it at