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Chrm Message From: tara Total Posts: 49 Join Date: 25/12/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 08/09/2007 02:17:04 Points: 245 Location: United States

Hello Colleagues,

I have been asked to assist an organisation in China that recruits foreigners. They have no hiring procedures to speak of and simply review a resume and make a bald decision on that basis. They will not use the telephone, mainly due to their discomforture in speaking English on the phone. (Will not employ translators unfortunately!)

This is far from ideal, however the brief is: how to use email or any other non-speaking device to improve recruitment and selection outcomes?

Looking forward to your creative input.



Chrm Message From: aladin Total Posts: 38 Join Date: 25/12/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 08/09/2007 02:20:00 Points: 190 Location: United States

In this competitive market recruitment plays a very vital role in the development of companies .

Most of the companies are not going to have one round of HR interview but 2-3 round of Interviews to know the candidates better to know the nature of the candidate behaviors wise skill wise and what s/he can bring in organization and how quickly they are learning new skills.

I personally feel communication is one thing, which is indispensable for any one who joins in the organization.

But at the mean time just speaking English can’t help it can’t give an advantage on others who have Domain knowledge or has domain Expertise.

There are many other methods by which you can evaluate the skill of the candidates.

Psychometric test is one tool that will give you very correct result, and apart of that many companies are conducting online hiring system in that candidates are called at one place and they will assign a PC and they will get questions, which will time based.

It totally depends on the company what they want to know from the candidate’s technical or just business information accordingly they set the questions.

One another method is CBT Computer Based Test.

I’m putting one link here please visit that like you will get more idea on CBT.  

I hope this information will help you.

Feel free to discuss any things on HR related matter.



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