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Chrm Message From: jitesh Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 25/01/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 26/09/2007 00:23:35 Points: 105 Location: United States

Hello friends,

Why is it so difficult to get in the HR Field, inspite of securing the first position at the university level and also in different management courses??Experience is important agreed, but until and unless fresher`s are given a chance how can they prove their
capabilities.One is all set to conquer the world with the knowledge he has gained during his academics but finally without the right kind of exposure...all this entusiasm comes to what should one do??guidelines plz!!



Chrm Message From: benjamin Total Posts: 27 Join Date: 25/01/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 26/09/2007 00:25:25 Points: 135 Location: United States

I've had ( and is still having ) a major tough time getting the right break. Doors seem to be closed for freshers just everywhere.............and how long can one wait?

How long can one be so sure of oneself, why do most interviewers turn out to be confidence busters? If the person doesn't 'fit' anywhere, what happens to the exuberance of the person? Irrespective of how passionate one is about the field of work and how hard he/she has worked in terms of acquiring the theoretical knowledge ,if there is no opportunity to implement and learn what can be done?

We are bookish they say, but we are ought to be so..........that is what we learn at the B-skool. If we sound too academic ,thats bcos we have been exposed only to academics, if our interest in the field is killed even before we start off our career, what is in store for us in the future?

Chrm Message From: jagadish Total Posts: 52 Join Date: 25/01/2007  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 26/09/2007 00:27:42 Points: 260 Location: United States


It took me three years to get the "right" break,  But in hindsight, the three years did not matter to me, cos i finally got into where I belonged (in HR).

It pays to persevere. I've had to knock on so many doors before one opened to me...and I stuck my foot right in, so that it woudnt also close on me! At least I did not think of the HR managers as confidence busters, but just as evil men/women to whom I wold prove a point one day! :-) And now that I am one of that tribe! Maybe there are freshers out there who think I'm the evil man to whome they too have to prove a point. I'm happy for them. They'll do well!!

Personally speaking, I know for a fact that high levels of academic excellence, looks pretty on certificates and resumes, but isnt always whats needed in a practical situation. I also did my bachelors in law. I was pretty good academically, but landed on my behind with a thud initially when I started practising because what I learnt and what I practised were not entirely one and the same! i had my ego bubble burst (and I needed that too!)

Think of Robert Bruce; think of all the people who inpired a spirit of perseverence...there'll be some good of it!

Guidelines? Maybe other fellow gurus can help.
1. Look for a break. And then look for the RIGHT break
2. Work your way up to that dream job, rather than wanting it gift wrapped and dropped on your lap.
3. Do some unsolicited work that can be appreciated. You gain the knowledge, others gain something they just may need, you never know. It's a potential win-win situation
4. Some people (especially the technically qualified) work their way towards HR, from other departments. Try that if you are willing to wait.

any more?


Chrm Message From: donna Total Posts: 53 Join Date: 25/01/2007  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 26/09/2007 00:28:59 Points: 265 Location: United States

You are not the only one who is strugling every one or most of us did the same in the initial years ,but this strugle will not go waste now you will understand the value of a Job and you know how difficult it is to get a job.this hardship will prepare you for future and you will be better prepared for any bad thing in future ,remember "Who moved my cheese" after facing this situation you always hang your shoos in your neck not on the wall, i've seen many ppl go in to depression when they get pinkslip or ask not to come to office till market recover.

But any one who is prepared or faced such situation will get motivated and they can cope with stress better than any one.

So dont worry and keep trying....


Chrm Message From: jigyasa Total Posts: 49 Join Date: 25/01/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 26/09/2007 00:30:33 Points: 245 Location: United States

Isnt this interesting.. everyone has advice and no one has a one liner saying "Yes, we do have that problem in the HR industry... we guard our turf" .. we don't have any advice at all, for the people who interview freshers and are unwilling to give them a chance... or hope.. We also don't have any advice at all, for ourselves. Except, of course, telling a fresher - Just because we had to go through this as freshers does not necessarily make it right...

Sorry Pranotim .. my advise is to myself, and to other people in HR: 1. Don't deprive anyone of hope. It may be all s/he has. When we act as "confidence busters", Catbert takes an incarnation.

And 2. What matters is not what a fresher knows, but what he is willing to know and do. People who bust the confidence of freshers over and over again are not evil. They are just too stressed out to be sensitive to the fact that they could be hurting someone's confidence.

Warm Regards


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