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Why Good Employees Leave Great Companies ?
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Chrm Message From: priyanka Total Posts: 86 Join Date: 26/09/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 27/10/2007 01:23:17 Points: 430 Location: United States

Dear Members,

I just came across this article that is wonderfully insightful. "Employee Turnover" discusses the results of a Gallup study surveyed over a million employees and 80,000 managers, on why people leave jobs. Why fabulous companies loose their best and most valuable resources, and in many cases those guys go straight to the competition.

Not only I could relate to events in my own career, but I could even relate to stories I have heard from friends who left their jobs and moved on to other companies.

The result of the study, in a nutshell, says: "If you're losing good people, look to their immediate supervisor. More than any other single reason, he is the reason people stay and thrive in an organization. And he's the reason why they quit, taking their knowledge, experience and contacts with them. Often, straight to the competition."  

I hope more CEOs and Managers read this article and take corrective action necessary within themselves and their organizations!

Best regards!


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