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Dear Friends,

Here is a really cool coaching exercise that I use most clients. I was asked by someone to supply a blank Wheel of Life. Here is the information along with how to use this incredible tool! This is a free gift and we are a non-profit group which seeks only to develop people and assist others in development. This exercise works wonders with:

OD Diagnosis
Assessing Children
Self-discovery - EQ
AI Practice
(and MORE)

Wheel of Life 

The wheel has the following eight "spokes"


How I use the Wheel of Life

I begin with a discussion on balance:

"Is there any such thing as life balance?"

Many believe yes many believe no...some just don't know. Then, I tell my story of going to the circus. I always ask people questions to better understand people and to create examples, case studies or motivational mini-stories (like this one). There was a guy at the circus that balanced stuff...cups, plated, broom sticks and a bunch of other odd objects. I was I followed him out (of course, to ask questions.) I asked "What is your secret to balancing?" (my intent was to get his secret to balance then I could share it with my coaching clients.)

He was perturbed and responded, "There is no such thing as balance." I was devastated because I saw a really good story in the making and now this circus artist was walking away. In my shocked state, I yelled back, "But, sir I just watched you balance 30-40 items one on top of the other."

He turned around and angrily said "IF you were watching you saw NO balance at all...everything was in total movement. It was up to me to keep it all from crashing." He then turned and left quickly ignoring my pleas for more information.

The Wheel of life is just that...there are many areas (spokes) in my life and all are in constant flux...ever moving...ever changing. I NEVER reach this utopia of balance...strive, yes....achieve...NO WAY! The minute my finances are straight, I have an argument with my wife. Once I have my career spoke clicking, my health begins to fail. Once I start developing (like participating in the CTI discussion group) then my family suffers. If I am in a group setting I get a broom and balance it on one finger as I explain all of the above. I will eventually let the broom drop and show what happens if I do not work on ALL spokes...things come crashing down.

I then begin a discussion on each of the spokes. (I am working on an assessment to remove my mini-lecture here.) Once I have explain the spokes I then have them assess their spokes :

- They score them selves by placing a dot on the number that best represents each spoke (1 = poor, 10 = you teach a class on the subject)

- The I ask them to connect the dots.

- I then ask for a volunteer to give me their numbers (1-10) from their assessment of each of the spokes (I do not ask for the spoke name, just the numbers.

- Then I record these numbers on a prepared flip chart with a wheel if it is a live session.

- Then I ask "If you just bought four new tires and you drove away from the store with the tire (wheel) you have just happy would you be?

Added discussion

1. Protrusions: areas - spokes that stick way out. Learning lesson: Over time these will eventually be whittled down to the lower scoring spokes.

2. Hubs - they score 4-5 on everything. I give a visual of two trucks. A monster truck and a match-box truck. Learning lesson: One revolution on the monster truck's wheels will bring the truck across the room. One revolution on the match-box truck's wheels will yield less than a few centimeters.

I also, allow the group to determine their OWN eight areas and use the exercise as above.


Vishal Bachani

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