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Chrm Message From: Mathews Total Posts: 30 Join Date: 09/10/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 11/06/2008 22:08:56 Points: 150 Location: United States

Hi all,

Few of the concerns for HR, especially for INDIA who is trying to integrate with world system would be:

- Increasing work-culture benchmark to world standards thro' (a) nurturing, (b) continuous training to achieve mind-shift;
- Increase skill-levels to world standards;
- Develop team-working skills and increase awareness on team-dynamics;
- Improve Quallity of Work-life by integrating Indian cultural/life values and reviving cultural models like festivals (which infact revive human spirit - like Raksha Bandhan bringing quality to man-woman relationship; Sankranti bringing together drifted relationships; Diwali renewing low morale with high spirits, etc.);
- Reinforce Moral values at formative years of human-resource (i.e. at school, college levels) so intensly we need at organizational levels;
- Reinforce Pride in Indian learning and teaching to which in any case West is slowly moving;
- Develop TRUST and FAITH in support systems like LABOUR LAWS, SECURITY SYSTEMS like PENSION SCHEMES, SOCIAL SECURITY LEGISLATIONS, UNEMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SCHEMES, etc. (flaunted by Indian industry so often) by fighting to implement it in organizations in letter and spirit.
- TRAINING and LEARNING to be made integral part of Organizational existance. Develop schemes like compulsory learning leave for 2 years at mid-career;
- Teach organizations to give highest status to HUMAN RESOURCE and allow them to ENTER/EXIT organizations with DIGNITY; Teach DIGNITY OF LABOUR;
- Leadership Development/Succession Planning;
- Morale / Motivation; etc.

This list for sure needs brain-storming to bring up 10 most important concerns to HR to be adopted annually or five-yearly blocks involving Labour Ministry if necessary as watchdog which in any case is one of its constitutional responsibility.

With warm regards,

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